Typecase Flexbook Touch iPad Pro 11 Case with Keyboard and Touchpad Review

The TYPECASE Flexbook Keyboard Case with Touchpad for the iPad could very well be the most versatile accessory and keyboard we’ve ever come across.

The unique 360-degree hinge, smart features and precision trackpad are truly the keyboard folio’s greatest strengths, and the keyboard itself merits high marks.

Typecase Flexbook Touch iPad Pro 11 Case

Take a look at our Typecase Touch iPad Pro 11 Case with Keyboard and Touchpad review and see why it’s worth buying.

TypeCase Keyboard Hardware Details

TypeCase Keyboard

We tested the Typecase Touch Keyboard on an iPad Pro 11 inch model and found it to be an indispensable addition.

We like the hard polycarbonate shell design and how it covers every inch of the tablet for 360 degree protection. There’s a slot for the Apple Pencil and a hinge that stands between the lid and the keyboard that allows you to use your iPad in 7 different styles (more on this later).

The trackpad is spacious enough that we could scroll, point and click without encountering any significant issue. Then, there’s the jewel of the product- the backlit keyboard.

The Flexbook keyboard sports a full size keyboard layout and even has the row of iOS shortcut keys for improved productivity. It gets bonus points for this since we can’t live without it. The keys have a travel of 1.4mm that remarkably simulates the tactile experience of working a laptop keyboard. Aside from the 10 color backlight options every letter is laser etched so you’ll see where you’re typing even when in a dark room or vehicle.

TypeCase Keyboard Experience

Converting your iPad into a laptop is nothing new. Apple has intended its newer iPad models to be productive workhorses to be used on the go.

TypeCase aims to be the same, but with a few nice features that make it a cut above the rest.

TypeCase Keyboard with details

The TypeCase Flexbook keyboard we used is for the 2020 iPad Pro but it’s compatible with other iPad models. We like how the keyboard performed- we got used to typing quickly and without having to look down on the keys. Accuracy is top-notch and we didn’t have any trouble completing our usual work.

The RGB backlighting is more of a gimmick and should fare well with the younger crowd. The laser etching is a nice touch because it eliminates the need to guess what letter the keys are. Overall, if you’re getting it for the keyboard alone then it’s already worth every cent.

TypeCase Keyboard Styles

Then, we tested the 360-degree swivel on various modes, such as tent, laptop, tablet and share and find it to be sturdy and able to hold its position. The other turning modes could be overkill but it just shows you that the hinge works as advertised. The most common modes are probably stand, laptop and tablet, and the keyboard case works remarkably in this regard.

The base keyboard is hefty enough that it can prop the iPad to the desired angle, and the hinge is sturdy enough to afford twisting and adjusting every single time.

Rounding out the details are 3 brightness modes, a rechargeable battery that can last for 90 days without backlighting and an auto sleep/wake function.

TYPECASE Touch Case with Keyboard and Touchpad – The Verdict

TypeCase Keyboard with multi-touch

The TypeCase really does a good job in making the iPad a multi-functional device you can use for work, presentations, content creation and collaborative projects. The keyboard experience allows for a seamless transition from laptop to iPad, and you get a thinner device to carry with you.

You can get your desired color depending on your style or preference, and every case fits snugly as long as you choose the right model. You’ll be receiving the Flexbook Touch keyboard case, charging cable and manual in a premium box.

Typecase keyboard folios are available for the newest iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch 2021 models. It feels like a natural extension of the Apple product and expands its functionality, mainly by adding a trackpad and keyboard. You can now use your iPad the way it’s meant to be- as a laptop replacement that can do the job better, and is more portable to boot.

Few other tablet keyboard products boast a host of viewing modes, full-sized backlit keys and an accurate touchpad, not to mention 360-degree, 24/7 protection from scratches, bumps and drops. It’s expected that Typecase will continue to manufacture its versatile keyboard folio for future iPads, and will become a force to be reckoned with.