It is no longer just a matter of being online and having your business playing in the digital space. That has become old news and almost a given. What is important now is what data you are gathering and how you are using it. But how do you gather data and how do you know what you should be doing with it. Here are a few ways in which you can make use of the next evolution of the digital era – ‘big data’

Understanding how to gather data and what to do with it

Find an analytics company

Data analytics companies in Australia will be able to supply you with the service and expertise you need to know how to translate the data that you have gathered into information that will inform your companies business strategy and marketing strategy and sales strategy. They will be in the best position to know what can be used in what ways to tell what stories that have ‘what’ significance to your business. Without it, it will fall on deaf ears and be gibberish and the value will go to waste.

What can you interpret with big data?

Big data companies can interpret your data into meaningful information. The kind of information that is possible to glean can be simple personal information about your customers, such as birth date, gender, location. It can also be what their interests are and where they like to shop. You could understand how they like to make purchases online and what will put a buyer off. You can tell when the highest number of purchases are made in a month or a day and what day of the week is the most popular. With big data, you can also know what kinds of information are enticing your customers to make a purchase or luring them into offering their information voluntarily with you. You can know what they are purchasing after they’ve bought from you and which sights are most popular. With all this knowledge there is incredible opportunity to understand your customer better and be more specific in your engagement with them.

Keywords used in searches

Your website should offer you some build-in data analytics as well as data analytics that is built into social media platforms. There is some data analytics software that requires purchasing and with that investment, the amount and type of data will be greater. One simple but very effective type of data gathered is knowing what keywords are used when searchers are browsing the internet looking for either your company, your product or what their question is. If you capture the most commonly used keywords that are used to find you, you can begin to build this into your website to attract more web traffic. It might also be that if you’re getting the wrong hits that are not the right client profile and a mismatch, you would want to change the keywords that are placed in your online content to improve accurate matching.

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