Unlimited Features of Noorio B200 Wireless Security Camera: Close-up and Reviews

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Unlimited Features of Noorio B200 Wireless Security Camera Close-up and Reviews


Safety is a vital aspect of daily life; everyone wants to secure their home, business and other locations. Noorio Innovation Limited Company developed a Noorio B200 security camera that is popular for its cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. It is a camera, protective gateway, and peace of mind. This waterproof camera is suitable for all weather conditions and is the best indoor and outdoor security choice. Most people use it for outdoor protection or security. Noorio B200 security camera’s advanced remote control features keep you informed about every situation.

Durability, Refined Packaging & Design:

When you open the box of the Noorio B200 wireless camera, you will see a round-shaped refined camera made of durable material. The product is designed specifically considering the outdoor conditions. With its IP67 waterproof rating, it can work in harsh weather such as snow, rain and other harsh temperatures. The following parts you see on a ball-shaped camera such as:

Unlimited Features of Noorio B200 Wireless Security Camera Close-up and Reviews

Inside the Box:  Inside the box, you have a camera, 1 mount bracket, a Screw Bracket, 2 Screws and a user manual.

At Front: You can see a wide lens and spotlight located on the top of the lens. The lens has a protective cover that protects it from damage.

At the back: Then you turn out the camera at the back, and you will see a charging port with C-type and sync buttons. You can also see the QR code and serial number under the ports.

At Bottom: At the bottom of the camera, you will see a speaker and, below it, a hole where you fix the screw mount or magnetic mount to stabilize this camera.

Weight and Size: The approximate weight of this product is 1.3 pounds, and the size is around 3.35 x 3.35 x 2.98 inches.

You can easily install and place it anywhere, according to your requirements and situation.

App Setup Process:

After installation of the Noorio B200 security camera, it’s time to set it up with the Noorio app. You can download this app on your Android and IOS devices easily. You can make an account on your app and scan the QR code to make pairing with the app. After pairing, you can see many functions you control with the app.

The app’s interface is user-friendly, and anyone can use it easily. You can control the following functions through the app: video recording, camera contrast and brightness, zoom in or out, and many others.

Unlimited Features of Noorio B200 Wireless Security Camera: Close-up and Reviews

High-quality Video Resolution:

Noorio B200 has a 1080p high-resolution camera that displays full HD video without disturbance. It can capture a clear and vivid scenario in daylight or even darkness. At night, you can also get a clear result through its LED, which gives you a better result at night. You can also turn off the spotlight in any difficult situation.

Furthermore, it also gives you the option of color night vision according to your circumstances. The camera can take clear images even in low light.

Emergency Immediate Alert and Target Motion Detection:

Noorio B200 security camera also has advanced AI detection. Using this feature, you can select specific sensitivity levels and motion detection. It can reduce the false notifications of alarms due to irrelevant motion from objects. When a noticeable motion occurs, the camera sends a notification through your email or any way you select. This feature can also upgrade your security level.

Local Memory Storage and Remote Control:

You can control all the functions and features remotely with your smartphone. Nowadays, many security cameras are on the market but don’t have local storage options. Noorio B200 provides 8GB local storage and also offers cloud storage. You can put the SD card on the camera slot, 3000 pieces of clear footage and live video streaming. With cloud storage, you can save videos of different events for later use.

Remotely Communicate with Visitors:

Its two-way audio communication feature makes it unique. Through outstanding microphone and speaker quality, you can communicate with other people outside your home. The main advantage of this feature is to identify strangers outside the home instead of allowing them to enter inside. You can also protect yourself from different kinds of threats that are happening at present.

Extraordinary Features:

The Noorio B200 wireless security camera offers many other advanced and extraordinary features that make it a wise choice. These features are as follows:

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom): Creates the option of pan-tilt-zoom through which you can see a broad coverage area flexibly.

Several User Access: The app can be easily accessed by several family members. You can allow access to others to monitor your location.

Plan Recording: You can set the specific hours to record your coverage. For example, you can set your camera settings by app and to record at night when needed.

Short Clips: The camera also has a feature where specific event clips are recorded instead of the whole recording. This is useful because long periods of recording can be tedious and take more storage.


·       Immediate and motion detection alarm notification.

·       Convenient Storage option for both local and cloud storage.

·       HD 1080p video quality.

·       Remotely controlled by app.

·       Stability and reliability design and waterproof


·       Subscription charges for cloud storage.

Unlimited Features of Noorio B200 Wireless Security Camera: Close-up and Reviews

Final Words:

Ultimately, the Noorio B200 wireless security camera is a popular product due to its outstanding features. It is a marvelous product that protects your property and gives proper satisfaction without any doubt. This camera is designed for high security outside the home and in other locations. Its durable finish makes it suitable for any type of situation. It can also provide many functions such as remote control, HD video recording, motion detection sensor, etc. You can have all these features at a very reasonable price.

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