Unlimited Phone Service (VoIP) For Home That Will Help Your Family Save Minutes

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has long been in use in the business world. Its use by most corporations today has seen it become a staple in business communications. As the global evolution and adoption of the internet saw rapid changes in everyday life, the same was true for businesses and VoIP service providers too. Faster broadband speeds enabled quicker downloads. Better Wi-Fi standards meant devices could be connected reliably at further distances. And a shift in cellular connectivity from 3G to 4G meant people could finally have the reliability and data bandwidth that could drive newer technologies.

VoIP was one such technology that was revolutionized. And today, we see a further shift in its trajectory – one, not from a technological standpoint, but an adoption one. While companies have long understood the importance of having an affordable service to drive business communications, VoIP found it tough to break into the residential market. All of that is about to change.

Unlimited Phone Service (VoIP) For Home That Will Help Your Family Save Minutes

Affordability and Convenience

The term “cheap and cheerful” has irked many in the past and an increasingly consumerist world made the case that products or services with the former tagline do not exist. Instead, “you get what you pay for” is perhaps more suited to anything you can get off of shelves or through online retailers. If it costs a lot of money, it must be quality, right? Not always, and especially not in the case of VoIP.

All VoIP service providers similarly go about their ways. These services work the same and use an internet connection as the baseline to drive calls and other features. While some may offer additional features in the bundle, or sleeker control panels, as long as you have steady internet, all VoIP services will perform similarly. So the need to charge a premium may not sit well with everyone.

Enter AXvoice

When we’re talking about charging premiums, AXvoice takes exactly the opposite route. The VoIP service provider has been making rounds for quite some time now and has been challenging popular alternatives like Vonage and Nextiva in the same space.

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AXvoice does this by undercutting its chief competitors on pricing first, whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on continued support and features. While Vonage has rates starting at $19.99/month, AXvoice nearly halves that with its $8.25/month residential plan. The price differences become more outrageous when you consider the business plans offered by all three companies.

Vonage has two plans – Premium at $29.99/month and Advanced at $39.99/month. Nextiva has its Enterprise plans listed for $26.95/month at the time of writing, and the Ultimate starting from $57.95/month. AXvoice on the other hand, charges a modest $14.99/month for its business plan, making it one of the most affordable options for small- and medium-sized businesses everywhere.

The Feature Set

AXvoice’s tagline, “Big on Features, but Not on Price” couldn’t describe the company’s philosophy more succinctly and accurately. The VoIP provider offers some of the most complete set of outbound and incoming call features we’ve seen. But that is to be expected, as VoIP protocols allow for a finite selection of functions, which most providers are happy to bundle along.

Everything from Caller ID Blocking to Music on Hold is provided through AXvoice. Call waiting, DND (Do Not Disturb), Blacklisting, Call Filters, and Call Forwarding are all supported on the platform. Enhanced voicemail features allow users to check voicemails from an online dashboard, too, and the E911 Support alerts 911 automatically, making it the best internet phone service for home or business use.

Unlimited Phone Service (VoIP) For Home That Will Help Your Family Save Minutes

Here is a list of all the other features included in the AXvoice service:

  • Three-way calling
  • Low-bandwidth codec support
  • International call blocking
  • Alternate caller ID
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Failover in case IP is down
  • Call logs

But perhaps what defines AXvoice and differentiates it from the rest, is the fact that it offers unlimited VoIP minutes for USA customers. Most other companies charge additional fees once you go over the monthly dialing cap or have more expensive packages for uncapped plans, but AXvoice doesn’t. All of this, while ensuring the best call quality and connectivity, makes it the best internet phone service for home use.

Perfect for Homes?

VoIP’s foray into the residential space has seen a huge boost of late. And AXvoice hopes to capitalize on the emerging trend too. By offering a significantly lower cost for home-based use, the company is paving the way for future internet-based residential telephony. As of 2020, there were 288 million active internet users in the US, and this number is expected to grow in the future too. In such an all-encompassing digital world, legacy connections like landlines don’t make much sense anymore. Whether you look at this from an infrastructural point of view or a cost-effectiveness one, having a landline connection when affordable and unlimited VoIP plans exist, is difficult to argue for. And with specific residential plans and features offered by AXvoice, the offers seem all the more tempting.

Where Does VoIP Go From Here?

The 5G Migration

We can expect VoIP service providers to embrace 5G technology fully, and migrate away from 4G. This move will be the biggest leap forward since companies had to embrace 4G connections in place of the outgoing 3G. While 4G will still be around—much like 3G—it is only a matter of time when it is relegated as a failsafe and not the primary method of data delivery. 

5G is also making waves due to its faster connectivity, low latency, enhanced quality, and ability to connect with a wide spectrum of devices. Keeping the advantages in mind, 5G will be a boon for the VoIP business.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is already shaping up to be the most valuable asset in IT, and VoIP service providers will take notice. AXvoice already has the foundations set for cloud computing, and this is only expected to grow into other companies as well. The real value will arrive when all VoIP providers will deploy cloud computing for information and data storage.

IoT Integration

You cannot ignore the capabilities that VoIP affords to users. That is especially true when you factor in the millions of things connected with the internet already. As this growing reliance on interconnected smart devices continues, VoIP phones will have crucial automation components available.


Cybersecurity is the primary concern for most consumers and companies alike. The massive amounts of information made vulnerable to bad actors can put both parties in precarious positions. That has made cybersecurity a key element when it comes to VoIP services. With an increased focus on this, you can expect many companies to tighten their hold over their services, and the inclusion of securer protocols for communication.

VoIP has continued to dominate the business world and has formed the backbone of modern functions. This trend is set to continue in the residential space too and with AXvoice at the helm, the future is promising.