Use Appy Pie’s Push Notifications for Better Customer Engagement

Your mobile app’s success doesn’t only depend upon the number of downloads. Various other key components make a difference. One of those differentiators is the application of Push Notifications technology. Push Notifications is one of the most important key elements that help you drive engagement and conversions with managing your mobile app.

If you have a mobile app for your business, you can use this feature effectively to your advantage. Push Notifications are a kind of message sent to the customer’s phone from your mobile app that they have downloaded in their device. Users don’t need to even have your app open on their device to receive these notifications. These messages look a lot like text messages, you might also get confused, but they are different in many key aspects.

Now that you know what push notifications are, read further to learn how push notifications work and why you should use them.

How Push Notifications Work?

Businesses use push notifications to provide value to their customers. They use these notifications to promote their existing products and let users know about new product offers and launches. You can simply add a link to the notification and send it to your users to have them land on to any specific page in your mobile app. Here are three key steps to make the whole push notifications process work.

  • Subscribe: The first step is to have your app users to opt-in for your push notifications. Once the app user subscribes to this service, you can get ‘Push Subscription’ for the user. It is a kind of ID for the user’s device. You send the ‘Push Subscription’ details to your server and save them to a database. You will be using this subscription to send a push message to that user.

  • Send a Push Message: When you need to send a push notification to your app users you make an API call from the server to a push service. This call includes the data you want to send, details of the users you want to send the message to. It also includes the criteria about how you want to send this message.

  • Push Event on User’s Mobile Device: After making an API call and keeping the message ready to send, push service waits for the target device to come online. And when it does, the service delivers the message.

Why You Should Include Push Notifications in Your App?

Here are a few major reasons why you should use push notifications for your business marketing purposes.

  • Retain More Customers: Push Notifications help you retain your inactive customers. Even if your app is perfect, there would still be users who download it but do not use it. They may delete your app after some time realizing that they don’t need it. However, when they get some value and recognition through push notifications, the chances of them starting to use your app again are higher.
  • Drive Conversion: Sending out timely marketing messages to your app users is one of the best ways of increasing conversion rates. These messages create a sense of urgency among the users and motivate them to use your app. With these notifications, you can inform your users about limited time offers and special discounts on your online shopping platform.
  • Increase User Engagement: Push notifications help businesses keep their users engaged. They help you stay connected to your app users by sending them reminders and real-time updates.
  • Enhance brand consistency: With push notifications, you can form a complementary marketing channel to send your users the value-added information about your brand and its products. Additionally, push notifications can help you establish better brand recognition by using logos in text messages.
  • User Friendly: Push notifications are easy to track, handle, and manage. When compared to emails, users tend to be more comfortable with push notifications. They offer only the required and relevant information and are a lot easier to create than emails. The information sent out using push notifications is more specific, accurate, and of great value.
  • Target the right users: You can track the user’s location with mobile apps and send your users the push notifications as per their time zone and comfort. With push notifications feature, you can send location-specific messages to the users. This way, you can target users as per their city, state, or country.
  • Insights on Consumer Behavior: Push notifications offer this amazing tracking system that analyzes user behavior. You can understand your users better after getting an insight into what they like. This analysis helps you get to know meaningful things about your customers like when they use your application and for how long they stay active on it.

Use Appy Pie’s Push Notifications

Appy Pie’s AppMakr helps you create excellent apps with various effective features. These amazing features include Push Notifications. Appy Pie’s Push Notifications feature helps businesses retain, convert, and engage users with mobile apps. The feature helps you boost app engagement and can be used to drive more traffic by sending the users useful information.

Appy Pie offers apps with unlimited push notifications. Here are the types of push notifications that you can send using Appy Pie’s mobile apps.

  • To Specific Users: Appy Pie’s push notifications feature helps you send out messages to the users with specific interests and requirements. These notifications encourage your app users to come back and purchase more products and services.

  • To the Users in Specific Location: Appy Pie’s push notifications allow you to send out real-time updates and messages based on a user’s time and location.

  • To Specific Category: Appy Pie’s push notifications feature helps you send out various promotional messages and discount offers to the users streamlined into separate user bases. You can send these messages to the users at the right time and increase your sales.

Make sure that subscribing for push notifications is all about delivering value to your customers with the operative use of in-app messaging and custom screens. You must give your users a convincing reason to opt-in for this service no matter which industry you are performing in. Once your mobile app users agree to get push notifications, make sure you keep the content relevant and personalized.

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