Use Executive Search services and get THE JOB done!

It is not a mystery that proper recruitment procedures are important. In fact, they can be even vital. Many enterprises have not succeeded because their managing staff composition was badly arranged. Can Executive Search services help with avoiding such a faith? In this article, we will shed some light on the subject.

The consequences of bad hiring procedures

Before we focus on the details, we should explain what impact a recruitment mistake can actually have. There are usually two scenarios here. The first one refers to a group of managers who are given positions they don’t really fit in. That happens when HR puts too much attention on a resume, less on actual competence. It’s not as uncommon as many of us think or want it to be, unfortunately. As a result, departments get filled with wrong choices that seem to look fine on paper. Even if some employees can do their job exceptionally well, they won’t be able to succeed in a team that was badly composed by an in-house recruitment office. Especially when the leader of that team turns out to be a mistake. He/she will lack abilities to point resources in the right direction, and a nearby talent might not even be noticed at all. That will most certainly impact the overall performance of a particular department. It might also convince the underrated specialist to look elsewhere for a job. This kind of problem is difficult to investigate, and eventual corrections may become expensive. Wouldn’t it be easier for everybody if the recruitment was done the right way in the first place? If you agree, please visit

Use Executive Search services and get THE JOB done!

The second scenario is somewhat more severe than the above. There’s the perfect team with the right skills and years of experience in a particular company, but a bad apple is tossed into the basket. It is a person who also made a good impression during typical recruitment and seemed to overtake everyone else with his/her resume. But guess what – this person is toxic. Let’s imagine a Key Account Manager that has issues with withholding emotions. In business, anger or sarcasm can be very destructive. An unpleasant remark might trigger a chain reaction that will eventually hit the top. That sort of situation usually damages an enterprise image that is extremely fragile indeed. What’s more, a bad apple in the corporate basket can influence other team members or wage internal wars against them. Instead of cooperating and working together, people are avoiding each other or even deliberately creating situations to hurt one another. That’s a toxic environment. Nothing good never comes out of it.

In the second scenario, bad attitude is a mild issue, though. There are much worse problems that occur in all types of industries where the recruitment process was executed with a traditional approach. Corporate espionage is a real threat, you know.
A toxic high-level employee with access to vulnerable information might want to take a chance, and make some extra money on the side. A lunch break can be enough. One short meeting outside the office, and a company’s secret is sold to a third party. This is extreme, obviously, but make no mistake – it does happen worldwide now and then. The service of Executive Search might be just a thing that will render solid protection against such dreadful eventualities.

Other reasons to trust the Executive Search recruitment experts

Although complete elimination of concerns is never fully guaranteed, significant reduction of human related risks can be expected via proper recruitment services. With the right approach and expertise, future employees can be investigated more accurately. We mean not only their previous business activities, but their personality as well. Professional recruitment consultants simply know how to read candidates. Please remember, toxic and arrogant characters can be great actors, too. They usually have staggering abilities to mask their faulty nature. That often refers to top management sharks, unfortunately. Skillful Executive Search experts can manage them with an ease.

Yes, the right filtration of human resources is one of the keys that allow hiring the best people for the job. In order for this to work, however, action is required. An attitude and volition is needed. All of that must come from the employer directly, but be executed through appropriate partnership with an outside recruitment company. Why? Because such companies have mastered their field. If they wouldn’t, they might not have stayed in the business for much long. It’s that simple. Hence, they need to be sharp. They need to deliver. An in-house HR department has a more comfortable position, so it frequently restricts itself to more traditional, passive employment methods only. And that’s how bad apples find their way into the corporate basket…

Professional headhunters from companies like the Sowelo Consulting agency are everything but passive. They understand the stakes of high-end recruitment for marketing, banking, IT, telecommunications, and so on. Gamble is not an option for these guys. Shortcuts are out of their strategy. Dedication and effectiveness, on the other hand, are the screws and bolts of their everyday endeavors. Apart from this kind of attitude and proper business know-how, the Executive Search consultants also have a net of valuable contacts to their disposal. It is essential to successfully source and validate candidates that are supposed to be a worthy investment for their employers. Entrepreneurs who allow things to be done passively, place their businesses in the middle of unpleasant statistics, which indicate a 50% new personnel failure rate within the first 18 months of employment (according to the Harvard Business Review). That’s why it is always a good move to trust outside recruitment partners who base their operations on Executive Search methods.

Is Direct Search a bad method?

The Direct Search doesn’t focus on the top, so to speak. It is less prestigious, and not that demanding. It is a much harder task to compose a great high-level management staff, is it not? The higher the rank, the more painful human related mistakes can be. Therefore, the Executive Search puts more pressure on the company that offers to help in finding the right personnel. Professional headhunters specializing in this type of active recruitment must be from the highest shelves themselves. Many people even tend to say that one can’t get any further than where the Executive Search services lead.