USTVGO Alternatives: Top 8 Live Streaming Sites

USTVGO is an impressive live TV streaming site that grants you access to over 80 live channels without any subscription fees. With its user-friendly video player and quick loading times, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming with ease. While USTVGO may not be considered a completely legitimate streaming platform, it does provide access to premium live TV channels at no cost.

What Sets USTVGO Apart?

For those seeking exclusive US television programming, USTVGO is the ideal site. Unlike other platforms cluttered with intrusive ads and a confusing user interface, USTVGO offers a clean site experience with minimal or no advertisements.


It boasts over 80 premium live TV channels, including popular networks such as Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery, NGC, History, ABC, Showtime, Science, NBC, TCM, CBS, CMT, Cinemax, CNN, Disney, WWE Network, Fox, HBO, truTV, and many more.

One of the notable advantages of USTVGO is its straightforward video player, which loads quickly and ensures uninterrupted streaming with a stable internet connection. As a popular streaming platform, USTVGO allows you to stream live TV from the USA at no cost.

Key Features of USTVGO

  • Over 80 live channels are available
  • Simple and efficient video player
  • No redirects or pop-up ads
  • Smooth interface and easy navigation
  • Live channels covering various categories
  • Program guide for convenient scheduling

Top 8 USTVGO Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternative options to USTVGO, here are the top recommended free live TV streaming sites that provide access to TV channels from the USA.

1. DaddyLiveHD

USTVGO Alternative: DaddyLive HD serves as an excellent USTVGO alternative, offering a wide range of over 120 live TV channels and sports programming from both the USA and Canada. It is an exceptional streaming site that provides free streams and can be considered a premium choice for cord-cutters.

In case one of the streams is not functioning, the site offers multiple streaming links as a backup. DaddyLiveHD’s clutter-free and sleek interface ensures a pleasant viewing experience without any intrusive ads or pop-ups.

2. TV247 US

TV247 US

TV247 US is a live TV streaming site that focuses primarily on content from the USA. It acts as a mirror site to USTVGO, streaming channels from the same platform. TV247 hosts more than 80 TV channels for live streaming, and while it may not be considered a completely legitimate streaming platform, it does offer access to premium live TV channels at no cost.

Although technical issues from the developers may cause some streams to not work, you can still enjoy most live sports and other TV stations, including kids’ shows, movies, and other infotainment channels for free on TV247.

3. USTVGO Live


USTVGO Live is a website that provides free access to live streams from various television channels, featuring popular channels from the US. Please note that the website is not affiliated with the channels it streams, and the availability and quality of the streams may vary.

The channels available include family entertainment, movies, sports, and news. With over 80 channels available for free streaming, USTVGO Live offers a range of popular channels such as Bloomberg, Sundance East TV, Outside TV, Reelz Channel, VH1 Music, PBS Kids, AWE, and more.

4. StreamWink

USTVGO Alternative: StreamWink

Formerly known as Wizler TV, StreamWink stands out as one of the cleanest live TV streaming services, offering a wide array of free live channels spanning movies, kids’ shows, documentaries, infotainment, entertainment, and more. The site’s video player is incredibly simple and clean, reminiscent of a clutter-free YouTube player.

StreamWink features a user-friendly interface and a TV guide that allows you to easily check the current and upcoming programming schedule. If you’re looking to watch live US channels, StreamWink is the ultimate live TV streaming network to explore.

5. TVZinos


Prepare to be enamored with TVZinos—a site that eliminates the need for registration, avoids annoying ads, and completely sidesteps pop-ups. Simply select the desired channel and click the play button to start streaming. With a smooth video player resembling YouTube, TVZinos provides instant access to your preferred channel. The site also offers a schedule of current and upcoming shows.

Most of the channels available on TVZinos are from the US and UK, covering news, sports, entertainment, kids’ shows, movies, and other infotainment content—all without any intrusive ads, redirects, or unnecessary interruptions. If you’re serious about streaming live TV on your devices, TVZinos comes highly recommended.

6. UStream


UStream is a free live TV streaming site with a vast selection of over 200 premium channels, spanning sports, movies, entertainment, and more. While the site offers quality channels with decent streams, you may encounter pop-up and click ads as a minor inconvenience.

However, you can easily address this by using an adblocker. In case a stream fails to load, temporarily disabling the ad blocker can help you determine if the stream is functioning correctly.

The channels available on UStream include ESPN USA, Sky Sports, Disney Jr, Eurosports, BT Sport, TSN, NBA TV, NFL Network, MU TV, various sports channels, general entertainment channels, and more.

7. Sling TV

USTVGO Alternative: Sling TV

As a reliable live TV streaming service, Sling TV offers a diverse range of channels and customization options at competitive prices. With its availability on multiple supported devices, Sling TV presents an appealing platform for users.

The Orange package, priced at $40 per month, provides access to 31 channels, featuring a balanced mix of primary sports, news, and entertainment channels.

The Blue package, also priced at $40 per month, includes 45 channels, albeit different from the Orange package. For those seeking a wider selection, both the Orange and Blue packages can be combined into one comprehensive package at $55 per month.

8. DirecTV Now


With a rapidly growing subscriber base, DirecTV by AT&T is an internet TV service offering over 150 channels for live streaming. As part of the TunerMedia network, DirecTV Now promises an extensive collection of TV channels and a vast media library for your viewing pleasure. Additionally, the service provides access to movies and TV shows.

Although the associated app may have a few issues and bugs, compromising the user experience, DirecTV offers a compelling combination of entertainment, music, sports, news, and various general channels, making it a significant player in the online content streaming industry.

9. FreeInterTV


FreeInterTV is a live TV streaming site that enables users to access live channels from across the globe. The site interface may appear basic and slightly outdated, but it allows you to stream your favorite TV programs live. While not all streams may work flawlessly, popular shows and TV channels can be enjoyed without any disruptions.

In case the service is not loading or the site is inaccessible, using a VPN or proxy can help bypass any ISP restrictions. FreeInterTV offers a diverse range of channels, including family entertainment, movies, sports, and news.

With over 90 channels available for free streaming, some notable options include ESPN, Fox Sports Channels, NBC Sports Network, Nick, Comedy Central, NBA TV, NFL TV, TBS, TNT, USA Network, WWE Network, and more.


With these exceptional USTVGO TV alternatives, you can enjoy live streams of TV channels from the USA on your mobile devices or PC. Whether you choose DaddyLiveHD, TV247 US, USTVGO Live, StreamWink, TVZinos, UStream, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, or FreeInterTV, each platform offers its unique features and advantages, ensuring you have ample options for streaming your favorite content.