Video Marketing Made Easy with VidAir

No marketer can disregard the importance of video marketing in current times. Potential customers are ten times more likely to engage in video marketing content than other formats of information. The reasons are simple: videos are easy to digest and break customers from abundant text-based marketing.

Video marketing should be considered a powerful tool to grow one’s business. Here we discuss how software such as VidAir will help marketers tackle video marketing challenges while also producing professional-quality videos.

Video Marketing Made Easy with VidAir

So before explaining the features of VidAir, let’s first go over the challenges one may face when entering the world of video marketing.

Part 1. Difficulties Faced by Marketers when Embracing Video Marketing

Here are some of the problems faced by many when they first embrace video marketing:

1. No strategy – Videos without Objective

A lack of objective when creating videos is one of the major causes of low engagement with video marketing. Video marketers need to have a clear purpose in mind when proceeding with video creation. Without a proper tool, marketers will be wandering in the dark without a specific aim.

To solve this issue, one must recognize what they want to achieve through video marketing. The goal of marketing should be crystal clear. Some of the most popular reasons people want to proceed with video marketing are:

  • To increase brand awareness.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Increase lead generation.

Once a goal has been decided, marketers should determine what type of audience they are targeting and then tailor their video accordingly.

2. Low Budget

Another common problem faced by marketing teams is not having enough budget to create quality videos. Videos that are meant to require expensive resources and these resources need a large budget.

One way to solve this problem could be through a tool such as VidAir. This powerful tool provides many resources, practical techniques, and a user-friendly UI to make top quality videos. The best thing about it is that it’s free, and although there is a paid subscription available, most of the stuff you need can be found in the free version.

. Unable to Deliver Quality Content

Another challenge most video marketers face is to create quality and engaging content. The marketing environment is full of videos, and a marketer needs something that stands out. Generic video creating software can help you create compelling content but require a lot more effort and expertise. And since persuasive content is necessary to bring engagement, most marketers fail to target their desired audience.

Once again, VidAir is the right solution to this problem. It offers simple ways to create compelling and creative videos. It helps you break through the noise and reach your audience. Bring in persuasive content, and let VidAir help you create a professional video.

Part 2. How to Make Suitable Videos for Video Marketing with VidAir?

Video Marketing Made Easy with VidAir

VidAir is a tool by Wondershare made to help video marketers achieve their aims of high engagement through polished videos. VidAir is an excellent asset for small business owners that can’t hire expensive video producers.

It also offers an extensive library of templates and user-friendly UI that enables almost everyone to make video content that would rival even the top competitors. It’s effective, affordable, and easy to use, making it a powerful solution to many video marketing problems.

VidAir’s Key Features

. Simple To Use and Works Online

What makes VidAir so compelling is how simple and accessible it is. No additional software is needed, and the tool works from any browser. This increases the compatibility of VidAir, as all that is required is an account and a browser. Log in to the website. All the tool features will be presented in a user-friendly, making it easy to use even for those not familiar with video editing.

. Creative Video Templates

When creating videos from scratch using a generic video creator, the templates one has can be very limiting, resulting in a boring video. We don’t want boring videos, so VidAir provides an extensive library of templates. These templates can be used for different themes, making it flexible to create a video for any industry.

. Massive Library of Built-In Resources

When working on a project, looking for resources can be time-consuming and costly if you decide to go for paid resources. VidAir saves the user from the effort as it comes bundled with about 10,000+ resources. This vast amount of resources enables the user to make creative videos for a variety of industries.

. User-Friendly Interface

Many are overwhelmed when they first come to video marketing. People see their top competitors’ quality and get discouraged when they see their video created for a generic video creator.

VidAir ensures everyone gets to create top-notch videos in a matter of minutes, rivaling even their top competitors. Users will also get to see a preview of how their video will look before it is finalized.

Guide to Use VidAir

Here’s a step by step guide for new users to understand how to start using this powerful video marketing tool effectively.

Step 1: The first step is to set up an account. Visit the Wondershare website and create an account. For those who already have an account, proceed to the login button after entering the required credentials.

Step 2: Once logged in, you will be presented with a create button on the website’s top. Press this button to access the library of templates.

Step 3: After picking the temple, you can either upload their local files or select from the resources of VidAir. 

Once you have made the desired video, the top right corner’s save button can store the video. After saving the video, the export button enables you to export their project in the desired formats.


Video marketing can be a great tool to lead business on the path of higher engagement rates, better lead generation, and an expansion of their current customer base. Videos, when made right, can make your marketing impactful, and VidAir can help you with it.