Today, one of the major sources of relaxation and entertainment is social media. There are multiple social media platforms out there that have hundreds of millions of people active on them. They use these platforms to share images, videos, texts etc. and connect with friends and relatives as well as watch some good content by various creators. Since so many people can be found on one platform at a time, brands and businesses have gone in to ensure that they are able to promote their products and services to social media users. And when brands and companies get involved there’s money to be made. Today, there are so many influencers on various social media platforms that earn a good living off of their social media popularity. There are so many sites that are selling instagram followers.

Viralyft Review

Even brands and businesses use their social media profile to create brand awareness and promote their products. But since there are a lot of perks a lot of people are trying to grow on social media. This has made it difficult to rise on these platforms as the competition is tough. Viralyft is a company that sells services with which you can boost the number of likes, followers, views, subscribers etc. on the social media platform you want to grow on. The idea is that having more likes or followers will give you enough credibility to attract more people to engage with your content or follow or subscribe to your channel or profile. If you want to buy instagram likes, followers and other social media services this review is for you.


If you want to buy social media services then Viralyft is one of the choices that you have in this field. The company has provided its services to a lot of customers and has a lot of experience and relevant expertise. The company wants to ensure that the people who purchase any service from it should have a good, hassle-free experience. They need not worry about a bunch of different things. It should be as easy as just going to the site buying the service and getting it delivered. Viralyft has a very nice and easy to use website. You can find all the relevant information easily. You are not restricted to buying services for one platform only as it supports service for multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify etc. are some of the popular social media channels for which you can buy services on

Why Choose Viralyft?

Of course, there need to be various reasons as to why you need to choose Viralyft to buy social media marketing services. The site needs to have various features that can be of help to you when you purchase a service. Viralyft has tried to incorporate features that can be beneficial for its clients. In this section, we have tried to list down the various features of Viralyft.

  • Less Time Taken for Delivery

Viralyft knows why people are buying these services. They want to gain some credibility quickly and show people some social proof. It is not going to be that beneficial if the company takes days to deliver the service. So, once your payment has been completed Viralyft will start to work on ensuring that the stats you purchased are delivered on time or as quickly as possible.

  • Increase your Exposure

The company claims that these stats can help you widen your reach on social media. You can increase the number of likes, views etc. on your posts and get more exposure. So, if you want that you can buy services from

  • Rock-solid Results

A good company does not want its clients to go through any undue risk. Viralyft promises that whatever promotion method it uses ensures that it is safe and does not cause any problems for the clients. Everything is meant to be safe and secure.

  • Secure Payment

The safety and security are extended to monetary transactions as well. Online transactions can be quite vulnerable to attacks if you don’t use secured payment gateways. Viralyft uses secured gateways and has SSL encryption as well.

  • Best Prices

Most people who want to grow on social media platforms do not have a huge budget to invest in promotion. Also, you may not be perfectly confident in what you are doing at times so it does not make sense to put in a lot of money. Viralyft promises that its rates are reasonable and you do get to buy cheaper packages as well.

  • Customer Support

Viralyft provides 24/7 customer support. Problems can occur at any time and since the company serves an international audience it needs to provide support throughout the day. There’s a live chat button on the website as well that can be used to connect with a customer service executive. There’s also the contact form and the support email id to reach the company if you need any answers.

  • Tracking your Order

Tracking your order is very important when you purchase something online. It lets you know where your order is stuck at or at what phase it is in. After all, you are putting in your money and you need to know the details of the delivery process. Viralyft helps you with it by providing an option to track your orders.

So, these are some of the features that the site has. The company promises that all of its clients will experience the positive effects of these if they purchase services from this website.

Pros of Buying Stats from Viralyft

Let’s now look at some of the pros of working with

  • The Stats Are of Good Quality

Viralyft claims that when you buy stats from it you will get the good stuff. Everything will be high quality and will be delivered on time.

  • No Password Needed

Viralyft does not require its clients to input the password of their social media profile. You just need to provide a link to the profile or the username or the post link and your email id for stats and updates and payments.

  • Fast and Responsive Customer Support

The company has very nice customer support. You can get quick responses. The company promises to be honest in its approach to help you.

  • Refills in Cases of Drops

The company promises a high retention rate for its stats but if your stats get reduced within 5 days of purchase the company will provide a refill free of cost.

  • Refund Policy

If the order is not completed on time or something does not happen as promised you will get your message money back as claimed by the company.

Recommended Packages

Now that we have provided some info about the site we would like to recommend some packages for different platforms.

  • Instagram

1.5k followers for $17.99.

5k views for $14.99.

2.5k likes for $24.50.

  • Facebook

2k likes for $55.

  • Spotify

1k followers for $39.99.

5k plays for $24.99.

  • SoundCloud

2.5k likes for $49.

5k plays for $30.

  • YouTube

$99.99 for 1k subscribers.

$23.99 for 5k views.

1k likes for $49.99.

  • Twitter

1k followers for $29.99.

  • TikTok

2.5k followers for $44.99.

50k views for $29.99.

Final Words

In the end, we would like to say that Viralyft has all the necessary services that you will need to boost the number of likes, views, subscribers, comments and other stats on popular social media platforms. If you have any doubts or queries related to your order or to the services you can always reach out to Viralyft customer support. So, do give this site some consideration and check out its packages.

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