Vivaldi is a Chromium-based and productivity focused browser for many years. And very first update of the year is finally here for both desktop and Android devices.

Vivaldi 5.1 Update Presents Horizontal Scrollable Tabs and a New Reading List

In Vivaldi 5.1 their team has added much awaited scrollable tabs for desktop devices. This allows users to scroll tabs horizontally to go through multiple open tabs to locate the important ones easily.

Let’s have a glance at the newly added features in the browser and how they can improve your experience to browse the web.

New Features in Vivaldi 5.1 for Desktop

Just like Vivaldi’s 5.0 release, the latest version 5.1 brings many key improvements for desktop users like:

  • Scrollable tabs
  • New reading list
  • Quick settings panel for start page

Horizontal scrollable tabs

Most web browsers normally handle multiple open tabs by shrinking the size of tabs into smaller segments that are difficult to view. This makes too many open tabs a clutter. Thankfully, Vivaldi 5.1 for desktop offers scrollable tabs to help you view all of tabs easily in standard width without shrinking them. You can effectively scroll through tabs where you have too many open in the browser. This makes web browsing and tab management easier than ever before. When the feature is enabled, you can scroll the tabs horizontally with the scroll of mouse or using arrow buttons displayed on both sides of the tab bar. An exciting thing is that you can scroll all tabs in both stacks when browsing the web using two level tabs stack on Vivaldi. As a result, you can increase efficiency and productivity when doing your online work using Vivaldi browser for desktop.

Reading List

As reading news, articles and blog posts is the best way to stay on top of industry news, trends, and local news, having an in-built reading list in browser makes reading easier and well-organized. Vivaldi 5.1 for desktop is equipped with reading list to increase convenience and expediency of the browser for its users. You can create your reading list within the browser by saving all important articles or news you want to read later. Along with keeping articles and blogs at a place, the reading list also keeps a track of reading stats for users. This means a user can check and remove articles if are already read to keep the list clean and tidy. Vivaldi’s reading list also provides an optimizing reading experience to its users.

Quick Settings for the Start Page

The start page of a browser is an integral part of browsing the web and a fully customized start page can also increase efficiency and productivity. Most browsers require their users to go to the main settings page to make necessary changes on the start page. To offer greater convenience, Vivaldi’s 5.1 update lets users to change the settings of start page using Quick Settings Panel. All settings and options related to the start page are in one place and easily accessible to customize the interface. To find the Quick Settings Panel, you may need to hit the gear icon in the top right of your browser to customize the page with required options immediately.

Get Vivaldi 5.1 for Android or Desktop Right Now

As a regular user of Vivaldi, you may get an update notification via built-in software update feature to update your browser to the latest version. If all the above mentioned features appeal to you, be quick to get your Vivaldi 5.1 for Android or desktop from their official website. Vivaldi 5.1 update is packed with many smaller changes and fixes to provide users with enhanced web browsing experience.

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