Warrior Trading: Can Day Traders Find Value From Signing Up?

There’s an incredibly short answer to this headline question — and that answer is: “Yes.” Day traders can find value by signing up to Warrior Trading.

One of the biggest and most popular features that Warrior Trading offers is a sophisticated trading simulator that gives aspiring traders the space to try out new strategies and practice their techniques. But Warrior Trading offers so much more. From training for all skill levels, to master classes and chat rooms where you can bounce ideas off other traders, it’s a place where new traders come to learn and experts come to refine their skills. Warrior Trading is a place where day traders can benefit from the knowledge they receive from signing up.


What Is Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading is an online community of day traders and a company committed to educating people aspiring to trade the markets. Trading is risky, and many day traders lose money. That’s why it’s wise to listen to others who have experience in the markets and have achieved a certain level of success. And this is exactly what Warrior Trading is all about: bringing traders together and giving them the skills they need to give them the best chance at success.

The company offers a wide range of courses for beginners and intermediate traders. It even has training that can benefit experts. Warrior Trading operates as a subscription service and its members have access to courses and content essential to learning how to trade and read the markets. Warrior Trading offers courses and content that cover basic topics like trading platform usage and buying and selling, as well as more advanced topics like developing and scaling a trading strategy. Experienced traders can benefit from courses on high-volatility market trading, securities, and momentum trading.

Warrior Trading also offers what it calls mentor sessions. These live and recorded meetings go deep into the topics on Warrior Trading’s core curriculum. The sessions cover complex subjects such as adjusting to different market conditions, scaling your trading strategy, using metrics and managing your performance, the keys to risk management, and the finer points of technical analysis. It’s mentor sessions are taught by professional traders at the top of the day-trading community.

What Is a Trading Simulator and Why Would I Want To Use One?

A trading simulator is an interactive platform that replicates the features and behavior of the stock market. Users set up trading accounts in the virtual environment and can practice trading stocks without financial risk.

A trading simulator is a great tool for students to use and experiment with because it’s a safe space to start experiencing some of the things they hear about in trading classes and try out some of the skills they’ve been learning.

Experienced traders recommend that people starting out need to have a good understanding of how the markets actually work. But learning this can be an expensive proposition in the live markets. This is why it’s strongly recommended that aspiring traders should gain as much experience as they can inside a trading simulator before they even consider putting their real money on the line in the live markets.

Trading simulators really do act and feel like the real market. They’re the ideal place for aspiring traders to see whether they have what it takes to be a day trader.

What Other Resources Does Warrior Trading Have That Day Traders Can Benefit From?

In addition to training for all levels, the mentor sessions, and its trading simulator, Warrior Trading has a wide range of resources. It provides traders with a variety of stock market scanners to help them quickly find the right opportunities to trade. A stock scanner is a powerful tool that sits on the trader’s trading screen and helps them view stocks by trading volume, price momentum, and more. Warrior Trading’s scanners provide critical information like price, float, relative volume, and halts, and they link to relevant news items (like financial disclosures) so traders can quickly evaluate why a stock has moved the way it has.

The program also offers a customized charting tool that assists traders in identifying, tracking, and analyzing trading opportunities as they happen in real time.

What Do Other Traders Say About the Platform and Why They Joined?

Reviews on Trustpilot point to happy customers who have found value after signing up for Warrior Trading. Warrior Trading notes with all customer testimonials that they describe individual experiences and do not guarantee any result.

After a year and a half on Warrior Trading, member Steven Savage wrote that his subscription was the “best investment” he had ever made: “It has been life-changing for me. If you are serious about becoming a day trader then you need the best instructor.”

Cara Brown said she believed her subscription was the best money she ever spent. “Seriously … I have paid for two other trading courses (one on options and another on options and equities),” and they “in no way compare” to Warrior Trading’s courses.

Subscriber Phil Campbell posted that after joining the program, he “started to make actual progress with an actual concrete trading plan and blueprint. [The] education is amazing — endless help — staff are there to help at a drop of a hat.”

For many reviews, Warrior Trading’s simulator is a key component of the service. Eurico Corvacho wrote that using the simulator helped him learn a lot “from a technical, psychological, and behavioral point of view.” It was “undoubtedly” one of the best ways to enter the stock market, Corvacho said.

Given the extensive range of content, the depth of the training courses, and the encouraging feedback from customers, it seems that many day traders have found significant value with their Warrior Trading memberships.