Ways to get lots of likes on Instagram

Instagram! Indeed, it is the most favorite social media platforms being preferred these days. From teens to adults, from business owners to celebrities, mostly everyone has an account on Instagram nowadays. It is gaining popularity because it allows you some fantastic features on its platform. You can share pictures, and at the same time, you can share your location and tag your friends as well. Not only this, but it also allows you to create your account as per your requirements. You can make your account a personal blog or a business account. However, the choice is yours, so you can give a hit to your profession with Instagram.

So, in your daily life, you might have definitely come across such types of professional accounts. Well, what difference have you noticed there? Was that account different from yours? Obviously no! Every Instagram account is the same, but usually, their pics have more likes on posts than yours. Especially celebrities and influencer’s posts are bombarded with likes. Actually, this happens with them as they take a few measures while posting pics, which attracts the user’s attention towards them, and the users eventually like the pic.

However, you shouldn’t be sad for yourself. We will let you have a look at some commendable things which will make you famous even though you weren’t an Instagram celebrity yet.

What are the ways to get lots of likes on Instagram?

So, to make your research feel complete, we have brought some of the fantastic things which, when adopted, can bring a change in your account. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Tag accessible pages and people

Mostly, our posts are incomplete without tags. We usually tag our friends or family members in our pictures. However, this isn’t fruitful to enhance engagement. So, to make things better, you can give a hit of tagging accessible pages and people on your posts. The tag will notify them, and it will let you appear in their tag feed. Looking in their tagged feed, their followers will search, like your posts, and even follow you, thus increasing your engagement. So, don’t you think this is one of the exciting ideas? After all, you will feel as though you personally know that person.

2. Promote your account

Well, there is a heart-winning option available on behalf of Instagram to you, which will let you earn money. And, this option is to switch to a business account. Getting a business account on Instagram is quite easy and exciting. However, most of the users don’t know about it much. So, let’s give you some tips regarding it.

Once you switch your account to business, you pay some of the required amounts to Instagram. With spending money, you unlock some IG’s business-related features. These features allow your posts to extend their reach all by themselves by making themselves available on the explore pages of the targeted Instagram users. Thus, you cannot think that likes won’t increase.

Further, there is an availability of Instagram promoting advertising policy. This policy is quite similar to that of Facebook. With this policy, you have to pinpoint your target audience, and their posts will show in their feed. Once it reaches your target audience, of course, they will follow the accounts of their interests, hence, leaving you with more likes.

3. Try to maintain a consistent color theme

Not many people focus on this point, but it is essential to maintain a consistent color theme on the posts. If the color theme and the style of photos are steady, then every viewer will obviously like your pic. Further, as the people will start loving it, it will reach more of the audience and appear in the feed.

Hence, if you are confused about the filter and color theme, then get it done from Instagram’s story filters or the filters available while posting the pictures. But whichever you choose, keep in mind that they should be consistent in other posts as well.

4. Maintain a fixed time to post your pictures

Before posting the pictures, make sure that it is a consistent time of posting. After all, posting at the right time and within a regular period will create curiosity among the followers to look for the new content.

In fact, make sure that you maintain a fixed time to post your pictures. This is because if you retain it fixed, your followers will be awaited to see your content at that time. They will try to be online at that time and look for your pictures to share their views regarding it and liking it.

5. Time to boost your followers

If you have just started, you may find your posts are not getting as many engagements as you’d like it to. It’s way easier to score many likes and to start comprehensive discussions by posting only a photo of your finger if you are a celebrity, but how to find a way out of this if you’re not some famous person? Along with many who build their accounts using only slow and painful but working organic methods there are also many of those who prefer paid solutions. That’s really faster on the first steps but according to many blogs and experts writing about Instagram and how it works, that doesn’t bring good in 2020. However, there are a few first league websites still providing a list of paid solutions, and if you are looking for a fast boost, you can use Krootez to buy followers on Insta to make your page look more attractive to the audience. The basic principle of Instagram which works permanently for years is people more likely follow pages already followed by many and this is mostly why giving your profile a dozen on paid followers on start may become a winning shot. But don’t let carry you away from a good organic promotion strategy.

6. Team up with an influencer or a brand

Various collaborations are what you can see right now on Instagram and many other social media and it works absolutely great for scoring a lot of likes through improving your social proof and recognition. All you have to do is to find an Influencer or a famous brand of your target niche ready to partner up, take a couple shots and upload a post tagging their account. If following this way, you will reach to a new audience and definitely generate some heat for your followers and guests. More likes? Here they are!

Will these features work for me?

Well, the above-listed features will work the best if you already have likes on your account. However, every account isn’t the same in terms of likes. You might be among such users who post the entire content ideally, but no one appreciates your work. However, there is nothing to worry about. Though your luck wasn’t there with you at that time, now it will be. Actually, we will create it for you as we will recommend one of the best tricks to gain a fruitful number of likes. All you have to do is to buy Instagram likes.

We aren’t joking with you. As we are adopting new and unique things in our everyday life, we desire people to notice us more, but it’s not easy to gain such positions among millions of other users. At such a moment, users go for different options, which can offer them a unique path to success, and one such preferred one is to buy Instagram likes. Hence, if you wish, you can go for it too. However, the option to go for it ultimately depends upon you. If you feel the need for likes, then don’t hesitate and get yourself some real likes, which can change your life.


So, this was it for this article. We hope that this was helpful to you, and it cleared your doubts as well as provided you with additional information that was required by you regarding the topic. So, if you want to try your hand at it and looking for ideas to boost up your account, then give a try to recommended options by us.

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