Ways to Secure your iPad

IPads, like other computer devices, are hot targets for identity thieves and hackers. If you fail to take appropriate measures to secure your devices, including your iPad, it can get hacked and your identity and data stolen. iPads have unique designs and built-in security features to protect your privacy and data. These features minimize the possibility of would-be hackers from accessing your information. They allow you as the owner to only share what you wish. However, any time you use public Wi-Fi presents a chance for fraudsters to get through your device. There are several ways in which you can secure your iPad from getting hacked remotely or physically. Here are a few of them.

Does an iPad need Anti-virus Software?

Apple devices such as iPads are designed to keep most viruses at bay. These devices get their applications from Apple’s official app store, limiting the chances of viruses getting through. Their special iOS operating system has built-in security features that prevent most malware from compromising your device. Furthermore, they have an inbuilt mechanism that separates each app so that it cannot attack or get through other applications. In most cases, you are good to go without an antivirus. However, with hackers working tirelessly, some malware still gets through these devices, especially if you jailbreak them, which is why you will need some antivirus software for iPads to protect your iPad.

Ways to Secure your iPad

Is it Possible to hack an iPad, and if so, how dangerous is it?

It is difficult to hack an iPad owing to its sophisticated security features, but it is still possible. According to a report by Amnesty International, your iPad can get hacked whether or not you click on suspicious links. If you access the internet through public Wi-Fi, you expose yourself to would-be hackers. You can avoid getting hacked by ensuring you have strong passwords and two-step verification security features that force fraudsters to require some form of extra verification before getting through your device. It is, of course, scary to have your iPad hacked. Identify thieves can use your data to commit crimes that could get you into problems with the authorities. Losing your log-in credentials could also enable these fraudsters to wipe out your bank accounts and electronic wallets. You must keep your device updated with the latest Apple security features and have strong passwords and other security features intact.

Is it possible to spy through an iPad camera?

Apple has installed special security features that make it difficult or nearly impossible for hackers to spy through its camera. The only way someone can see you through your iPad camera is if you allow them to see you by face timing them. If you also call through other means such as Skype or Facebook video calls, you allow a second party to see your physical location. You can easily prevent this by video calling only those you consider safe to do so. Make sure you turn off your camera every time you end a video call. Another way you can have your camera compromised is by visiting or clicking suspicious sites. Though this is incredibly challenging for hackers to get through your iPad and access your camera remotely, there is still a slim chance that one advanced trickster could find a way to access your device and control your camera. Apple advises its users only to use apps on the Apple app store. Jailbreaking your device to enable it to use apps other than those on Apple’s official app store could save you a few bucks and compromise your device, identity, and data, which would prove way more costly. In addition to only using apps from the official Apple app store, you could also limit apps within your device that can access your camera. In your settings, you deny permission to apps that do not necessarily have to use your camera unless you allow them. This restriction ensures that no app can accidentally open your camera without your knowledge. Additionally, if you want to add a layer of security, you could physically cover your iPad camera with tape when it is not in use. Not unless a person accesses your device physically they cannot get around this security feature.

Is there any software to secure an iPad?

IPad’s iOS operating system is meant to protect your data and privacy without the need to use additional software. It has built-in security features that prevent a second party from accessing your data in iCloud or even your device. Setting a solid passcode and using other available security features such as touch or face ID ensures that only you can determine the information to share from your iPad. However, hackers are working overtime to find ways to hack your device. If you access apps from sources other than Apple’s app store, you risk having hackers compromise your device. Accessing the internet through public Wi-Fi also exposes your device to hackers. Apple advises that you keep your device updated to enhance its security. Still, you can also find software that can boost your iPad security and prevent hackers from getting your data.