Webvolution’s Mobile Market Trends to Watch in 2022


The mobile market reached all-time highs in 2021, mostly due to higher adoption rate and use by people worldwide. Singapore-based mobile agency Webvolution lays out these 4 hot takes regarding mobile marketing in 2022.

Webvolution's Mobile Market Trends to Watch in 2022

User Generated Content Continues

UGC, or user generated content has been around for years and has emerged as an excellent advertising tool.

Brands will put a focus on video content exchange where influencers are tapped to gain audience recognition and participation. One in particular is by creating challenges on popular social media platforms such as TikTok.

Video is Bigger Than Ever

Popularity of video soars, and more so on mobile devices. It makes perfect sense, since it captures the viewer’s attention immediately and doesn’t let go.

As such, shifting to video advertising may be considered the norm if you want to gain a foothold in marketing share. Mobile games in particular have begun adopting them to great effect.

Mobile Games and Social Networks Blur the Line

Mobile game developers have seen the potential of social media and have steadily added more and more of them.

Today, virtual lounges and spectator modes have become the norm. People are content to not play and just watch others do so. YouTube and Twitch are two fine examples of major video sites that cater to passive gamers.

Mobile Commerce Evolves

Mobile is arguably mainstream now, with people spending more and more on mobile compared to other mediums.

Shopping on mobile is expected to increase by as much as 40 percent in 2025, and companies will have to play the part of making their experience as smooth and seamless as ever.

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