What AI Can Do: Apps and Software


In the modern world, AI is a reliable human assistant in various areas: solving everyday problems to organizing large-scale industrial projects. In the field of data processing, AI can also play an important role. So, we can use machine learning to build specific algorithms that will allow us to analyze data in the form we want. An example is the recommendations that we receive based on the views on the Internet.

What AI Can Do Apps and Software

In agriculture today, AI technologies are also being introduced more and more actively: it can be modern computerized agricultural machinery or an agro app. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of AI.

Agriculture AI Software

Such software optimizes production and thus greatly facilitates the farmers’ work. One example is EOS Crop Monitoring. It is a free application that works based on the analysis of satellite imagery. It allows you to control agricultural processes at a distance, track yields, identify problem areas, etc. The application is suitable for both small private farms and large corporations. There are some of the main EOS Crop Monitoring directions:

Scouting Tasks

Using the app, farmers can explore and collect information on soil, plant conditions, planting density, and more. For greater clarity, you can utilize photographs.

Storing and Gathering Information Together

You can use the software to save data about each field as a separate card. With their help, it is convenient to group all reports by agricultural area.

Interactive Map of all Fields

With the help of the EOS Crop Monitoring service, you can receive data on individual fields and view them in one place. This way, you get quick access to all critical information and quickly solve problems and improve production performance.

Azure AI Platform

This cloud platform allows you to create and work with applications and store data in particular data centers. Such software can recognize speech and images based on the information received. Note that such solutions operate on a well-secured network to be safely used within their production infrastructure.

Salesforce Einstein

It is an AI-driven customer relationship management (CRM) system. This application is designed specifically for large companies to meet the needs of marketing, analytics, sales, commerce, and customer communication. The software solves the following tasks:

  • automatic saving of customer data without the need to constantly enter them manually;
  • product recommendations;
  • analysis of the degree of involvement;
  • providing personalized service;
  • analysis of pricing.

Salesforce Einstein has different packages that you can choose according to the size and characteristics of your business line.


Large enterprises operate with a massive data amount every day. But even small businesses can face the challenge of finding documents across multiple workspaces. Butter solves these issues: thanks to AI, the application will find any file in the archives, no matter how deep it is. Moreover, with the help of Butter, all company employees can access all the information. It dramatically streamlines the workflow, speeding up the search and exchange of data.

Common Features of AI Software

AI software is used in various systems, primarily to automate routine, repetitive operations, predict actions, and analyze information. Despite the different directions, AI software has common features. Here are some of them.

Automatic Data Download

For processing, data often needs to be extracted from multiple sources. This process done manually is complicated and time-consuming. AI fully automates the process, freeing up resources and providing machine learning systems with up-to-date data.

Instant Adaptation

Machine learning technology allows AI to adapt to a changing environment instantly. Moreover, it constantly analyzes the results of its work and tries to improve it.


AI software always considers several scenarios to help you find the most efficient way to achieve your goal. It predicts the consequences of specific steps in the future and determines the best option.


Another advantage of AI is the ability to work simultaneously with multiple users or applications. Using technologies such as parallel approaches and distributed systems, it analyzes data together and makes better decisions.

Thus, AI software can improve production efficiency in a wide variety of areas. It optimizes complex and tedious workflows, freeing up resources and improving production quality. AI takes the agricultural sphere to a new level. Advanced technologies allow us to solve the most complex production problems that are impossible using traditional methods.

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