During these modern ages when technology and its features are involved in people’s daily routines, the use of artificial intelligence tools has become increasingly popular. Not only that they can be useful to humanity but some of them can literally think and do things the way we do. Computer programmers and electronic engineers are working tirelessly on implementing those machines into regular usage. The key is to create such tools in a way to be beneficial for humans and simultaneously bring something new and exciting that will become viral. From dozens of AI tools that have already been designed, some of them can truly become like a human. So, let’s see what those tools are and how people can make the best out of their utilization.

What AI Tools Exist That Can Write And Think Like Humans?


Copywriting is an occupation that is today very represented in online businesses. It can be said that people like to write now more than in the past. This situation could have happened due to several reasons. But probably the biggest one of them is because typing prevails over handwriting. Today, the keyboards have totally replaced writing by the hands as it was a practice before. Thus, professional writers are eager to use advanced technology and all the newest trends and features to make their job easier. Well, Writesonic just allows that. It is an AI tool that is focused on keeping the order of different landing pages, blog posts, ads, product descriptions, and many other types of copywriting. Today, AI tools can write outstanding content, the same as people. Writesonic is one of the highest appreciated and rated tools of such type. Its functioning is focused on the use of GP3 (generative pre-trained transformer 3). For those who perhaps never heard about it, it represents an autoregressive language model that takes in-depth learning to its advantage to provide people with human-like written texts. This is the newest, third generation language prediction model designed by OpenAI which is situated in San Francisco. The work of Writesonic is mainly related to increasing the level of interaction by providing readers with compelling content. This tool precisely analyzes the patterns and outputs them afterward. Another feature of this AI tool that can be of great use is its adaptability to blog posts. It can write them the same as the human hand would do it.


Have you ever been worried about your narration and narrative skills? It is a common thing to see among the student communities that are particularly interested in this topic. If so, you should stop having concerns of this kind as Wordsmith stands at your disposal now. It is a natural language generation AI tool related to converting the data into an insightful narrative. Its API which works with great speed will turn input data into a productive narrative easily. But not only that. It can also publish those data instead of you and update it according to the latest changes and upgrades. As students often like to avoid Turnitin plagiarism detection on their essays, this AI tool represents a perfect fit for their problems. Do you wonder how? It can allow you to have over 1000 written samples, mostly articles per month for a total price of just $250. What more can you ask for from an artificial intelligence-based tool than this?

Ai Writer

As writing represents one of the most popular freelancing niches in the modern world, there are more and more writers that have some, seemingly unsolvable, issues with their texts. Marketing is often part of professional writers who want to publish their works online. Unfortunately, a lot of issues occur on this exact step. Ai Writer is an AI tool that provides others with high-quality content associated with marketing needs. It can write an article from scratch with just a little information involved. You can simply state the keywords and the title of your article and let this tool do its magic. It will write an entire article for you by using its writing bot. This tool can be beneficial for bloggers and any online website that provides people with written content. For smaller bloggers, groups, or a company that needs a short-term solution, AI Writer can be used for a monthly subscription of $19. Another option is to use it as your content creator regularly which will cost you roughly $49 per month. There is also the third option which is often customized and usually refers to the needs of enterprises.


Writers that are beginners in their job or the ones that lack self-confidence will frequently turn to the use of paraphrasing. Well, QuillBot can help you with that. It is an AI tool with excellent integration specifically designed for paraphrase. With this tool, you can modify the structure of the sentences and rewrite any word or phrase you want. Therefore, it can help you to sort unwanted words and create effective paraphrases. This tool is directly integrated with Google Chrome and Google Docs. It also has a free version whose word limit is set to 700. But there is a premium version too that usually costs around $6.7 per month.


Some of you may think that it is a huge privilege to have such AI tools alongside us. And you shouldn’t hesitate to state it as it is completely true. The youngest generations have the luxury to use such advanced technology daily. It is not necessary to mention how effective those tools are and we can just hope that we will create many more of them in the future.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.