What are the Benefits of a Dedicated IP?


Hosting a website on a shared server is a different experience for every business. However, many businesses struggle in many ways after connecting with a shared server. If you want to protect your server, you should incorporate dedicated IP. Here are some reasons why businesses shift from a dedicated IP from a shared IP:

What are the Benefits of a Dedicated IP?
  • Slow website speed
  • Limited data storage
  • Low levels of trust
  • Negative help from senders
  • Risk to lose reputation and brand at email sending level

If you use a dedicated IP address for your website, you can avail a wide range of benefits. In this post, you will find the major benefits of dedicated IP addresses. If you want to learn more about dedicated IP, continue reading this piece.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

As the name suggests, a dedicated IP address is limited to a single company. Other companies cannot use and share this IP address. In other words, a dedicated IP address is a domain with access to a single company. It is similar to having a dedicated phone line.

If you want to access a dedicated IP address, your WordPress provider will assign a domain under your company’s name.

IP address or Internet Protocol is a unique address assigned to each network. Internet Protocol address is a unique identifier with a valid location given by the network.

Different Types of IP Addresses

An IP address has four major types. These are public, private, dynamic, and static. Private and public IP addresses describe the network’s location, while dynamic and static IP addresses offer network permanency. Let’s understand these types of IP addresses:

  • A private IP address works in a local network. The WiFi router allocates an IP address for each device for internal communication.
  • A public IP address connects the device with the internet. The Internet service provider assigns this IP address. Devices on the same network have the same IP address.

Every device connects with the internet using two IP addresses because there are a tremendous amount of devices. Since the number patterns are limited, giving a unique IP address to every device is not possible. In the 1980s IPv4 was introduced on the 32-bit system without considering the growth of the internet.

However, since the number of devices was exceeding the number of available patterns, it wasn’t possible to give a unique IP address to each device with private and public IP addresses. Thus, professionals introduced IPv6, which comprises of additional two types of IP addresses. Let’s understand static and dynamic IP addresses:

  • A static IP address remains the same. You can manually create and buy static IP with VPN. These IP addresses help servers host websites and access FTP services.
  • A dynamic IP address is a common IP address type. These IP addresses are active for a limited time. After a while, they expire. In this condition, the computer requests a new IP address.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address has a wide range of benefits. It boosts the website’s speed and offers high-level security. Since you are the only user, your IP will never get blocked unless you perform a malicious activity such as sending malware, viruses, or spam emails. Here are some benefits of using a dedicated IP address:

1.     Check Your Website

You can view your website by entering your IP address since you are the only user. Simply search the IP address on the web browser and the website will appear.

2.     Avoid IP Blacklisting

Sharing an IP address is not dangerous in many conditions. You can add country-specific blockage to access the site safely. However, if you send spam emails, malware, or viruses from your website, the search engines will block you. Only users on the same server can access the website from an IP address, so you don’t have to worry about IP blacklisting.

3.     Faster Emails

Another benefit of a dedicated IP address is fast email deliveries. Email services such as Yahoo and Gmail trust emails sent from a dedicated server. If you are on a shared IP address, there are chances that your email will get blocked.

4.     Secure Remote Access

Since businesses are shifting to remote work environments, security threats have increased. If your company has a dedicated IP address, your employees can perform their tasks without the risks of security breaches. Employees can easily identify malicious activity on the website if they have a unique IP address.

5.     Safer and Quicker File Transfer

Do you share files within the company? If yes, then you can create a file transfer protocol (FTP) server and send files to employees at the same dedicated address quickly and securely.

How to Access a Dedicated IP Address?

You can create a dedicated IP address for your business by following these steps:

Choose a Reliable Service Provider

You can register with a service provider that offers dedicated IP addresses. If you don’t have a dedicated server yet, contact a professional company such as NordLayer.

Order a Dedicated IP

You can evaluate the features of a dedicated IP address provider and register with them. Choose a subscription package and get started.

Connect and Enjoy

Once you choose a subscription plan, you can select the IP server and get access.


A dedicated IP address is a modern solution to protect your business from cyber-attacks. Having an IP address committed to your business opens new opportunities. With a dedicated IP address, you can connect with the network with full security.

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