What Camera to Choose For Beginner YouTuber?

Every YouTube beginner wants to have the best equipment possible when starting their channel. Nonetheless, it is not easy to choose the right camera especially with the numerous cameras found in the digital market. When it comes to the best camera for beginners, it all depends on what you are looking for. For starters, you should basically look for a camera that enables you to swap lenses, easy to use, and will grow with you as you develop your YouTube channel.

A lot of vlogging advisors usually recommends to start with a budget vlogging cameras, for $100 or less.

What Camera to Choose For Beginner YouTuber?

Anyway, if you have a higher budget sit tight and let us take you through a few cameras that you should consider buying. Just know we have considered the price, quality, and even popularity.

Canon EOS M50

One of the best mirrorless YouTube cameras for 2020, the Canon EOS M50 is a high-resolution camera that comes with superb image and video quality. On top of that, it has clear details as well as an impressive range which makes taking shots and shooting videos a breeze. What’s more, the camera comes with built-in features that make editing your shots very easy as well as transferring your images to your mobile device or PC.

Additionally, the camera also comes with an adjustable orientation LCD screen that enables you to tilt it to any angle while still maintaining a clear view.

Panasonic Lumix FZ80

The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is an affordable entry-level 4k point and shoot camera. Interestingly, the camera comes with wide-angle lens and long zoom which makes it one of the best video camera for its price range. Amazingly, the camera also has an option to enable you to have a sneak view of how the final video will look like.

Furthermore, using the Lumix FZ80, you get to experience image stabilization thus enabling you to record amazing videos. Also, with its ergonomic grip, you get to record your scenes without your hands getting tired. The buttons don’t disappoint either? One of them enables you to easily switch between regular and 4k modes. Overall, if your short on cash but still wants the best camera money can buy, the Lumix FZ80 is for you.

Nikon D5300

A mid-budget camera, the D5300 is one of Nikon creation that records brilliantly focused videos at up to 1080p.An entry-level DSLR camera; D5300 will astonish you with its sharpness, and richness of colors on its video recordings. Aside from this, you get to share your videos with your mobile device or tablet easily due to its integrated WIFI and GPS features. Moreover, you can use your mobile device to control the camera by monitoring the video scenes while shooting. 

Not only is the camera powerful, it is also compact and lightweight as well as ergonomically designed to make it easier to use. That means you can operate the buttons with ease. All in all, the camera does not disappoint when it comes to its price tag, therefore, ensuring you get to record amazing videos without breaking the bank.

Go Pro Hero 7

 If you are into action sports such as hiking, sky diving, trekking, or even surfing, the Go Pro Hero 7 is the camera for you.  Great at producing awesome videos and spot-on pictures, you won’t regret spending your hard-earned money on this camera. Primarily small, handheld, and waterproof you will be able to get the most amazing shots from any angle without stressing much. That’s because the camera has a hypersmooth feature which makes hand-held footage looks like it was shot from a stabilized gimbal even if you were spinning, running or bouncing.