A fundamental question of the Google Ads Apps Certification exam is, “What important role does app promotion play in the mobile gaming industry?” According to App Hud, app promotion helps users find new games to download. There are around 50 questions for the test, out of which 80% need to be answered correctly.

What Important Role Does App Promotion Play in the Mobile Gaming Industry?

Learn More About Google Ads Apps Certification

Google provides certifications to experts in online advertising and campaign creation. The exam conducted for this is the Google Ads Apps Certification exam. The Google-certified users can show their mastery in Google app campaigns and advanced strategies.

Google Ads certifications can be accessed on the Skillshop Google Ads Certification page. Currently, Google supports six Google Ads Certifications, including Google Ads Display, Google Ads Apps, Shopping Ads, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Measurement, and Google Ads Video.

Google Apps for Education Certifications are great options as value ads for your education and career. Once you are certified, Google will recognize that you are capable in the following areas:

  • Making an app campaign while keeping a marketing goal in mind
  • Improving the quality and discoverability of the app
  • Enhancing the performance of a campaign using top-grade strategies for a creative campaign, and measurement excellence
  • Knowing how the app campaigns make marketing successful by making possible user discovery and engagement

Getting the Google Ads Apps Certification speaks greatly about your knowledge and expertise on app campaigns and related topics. This is going to be a valuable asset for your career progression.

What Will You Learn From the Google Ads Apps Certification Exam?

Before you start preparations for the Google Ads Apps Certification, you need to have a Skillshop account. Having an account lets you access the Google Ads assessments necessary to be certified. These assessments and other learning materials make your certification journey easier.

To get certified in a Google Ads product area, you have to pass the product area assessment available in Skillshop. There are six Google Ads product areas in which you can get certified.  

The Google Ads Certification exam can be given in 22 languages, including English (US and UK), Czech, French, and German, to name a few. Getting the certification can be easier if you have on-the-job experience in Google Ads, as knowing Google Ad campaigns and other fundamentals will significantly help while taking the test.  

But it is not mandatory to have any experience in Google Ads. All the materials required for Google Ads Certification training are available in Skillshop. Creating an account will open up a whole new world of learning for candidates.

The maximum time for taking an assessment is 75 minutes. A timer is started once you begin your assessment, and this cannot be paused. If your computer shuts down or you have to leave the evaluation partway through, you will have to wait for your next chance to take the exam. A score of 80% or more is needed to pass the test. There is no need to worry if you don’t pass on the first attempt. You can retake the test after one day. The Google Ads certifications are usually valid for one year, after which you will have to retake the exam and get a passing score. This is the only way to renew your certification. You can only call yourself certified if you have personally got the certificate. If the certificate expires, it is also mandatory to retake the exam to call yourself certified again. The greatest advantage of the certification is that you can mention it in all your job profiles.

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