What Is a Mobile Proxy and Why You May Need One

When using your smartphone you rarely will think of proxies.

But when you frequently use your mobile to shop, browse the web or chat with friends on social media, it becomes a serious consideration.

What Is a Mobile Proxy and Why You May Need One

What is a Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy is a service used on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets that are connected to mobile networks.

To activate a mobile proxy your device will have to be connected to the internet via mobile data.

The service masks your real IP address by replacing it with the assigned connection. A device, for example is connected via 4G network and assigned a particular IP address.

Mobile proxies such as this 4g mobile proxy are always authentic and will show you as a legitimate user in the assigned country.

Instances Where You Need a Mobile Proxy

A mobile proxy becomes a great tool when you want to mask your IP address on your mobile phone.

If you experience going through endless Captchas and going the roundabout way, chances are that Google has flagged the IP address you’re using.

You can try to disconnect then reconnect to get a new IP address, or you can get a 4G mobile proxy that can give you a fresh new IP address. The process is easier and you can get to work much faster.

If you have multiple social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then it’s a must to get a mobile proxy. These platforms usually frown upon same-IP logins and may ban you if you’re constantly doing this on a single device.

A mobile proxy can serve to confuse admins on social media accounts and won’t flag the activity as suspicious. Just try to be consistent on which country you log in for one account and you won’t have to worry about sanctions.