What is Amazon Business and How Does It Work?


Amazon Business caters specifically to businesses, the same way as the regular Amazon marketplace is for regular customers. Because of that, there are features that are tailored specifically for enterprises. Business accounts will be able to choose from items that may have bulk discounts. Multi-account profiles allow team members to buy supplies or the materials they need.

What is Amazon Business and How Does It Work?

How Does Amazon Business Work?

Getting into Amazon Business is as easy as signing up for an account, then clicking on the appropriate links at Amazon.com to get to the business page. Don’t be surprised if you can’t see any differences between business Amazon and regular Amazon. After all, if the browsing and online shopping layout works, why change it?

Account & Business Settings

Now, sign in and access your account on a web browser. Find your name at the Account section and click on it to get to the drop-down menu.
You will find additional settings, including Business Analytics to see line-item, invoice and reports, Business Settings to add members, tax exempt details, manage payment options and approval workflows. Here, you’ll be able to search and bookmark your favorite suppliers.

Browse & Shop

Browsing will feel the same as shopping on regular Amazon. There’s the search bar at the top part, with filters to the left for more refined results. There are additional filters like seller certification, type and if the item is Business Prime eligible. Before checkout, you can view if you can get special pricing when you intend to buy in bulk.

Placing Your Order

Once you choose the items and are ready to check out, review the details and see if you’d like to have it become a recurring delivery or a one-time order. Confirm your businesses’ payment method, shipping information, and when everything looks right, click on ‘Place Order’. You’re done!


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