What is Mod APK?

The word Mod actually means ‘modified’. So, Mod APK is nothing but the modified version of the actual APK file that is an Android package. The only difference between the actual android package and the modified one is that the latter one is not signed by the original developers and also has no support from them. As the name of Mod APK indicates, it is a modified version and has additional features in it. The additional features include unlimited game currencies, many times extra support is granted, unlimited resources, free access to paid versions and much more features which are not available in regular applications.

One very important feature of the Mod APK is that it offers the premium version features of the applications free of cost. This is because the developers of Mod APK add extra features in the applications. These sites are mostly cracked versions of the applications and the developers unlock the premium versions and make it compatible for users to download. These are the unofficial versions of the apps and it may be considered illegal to download them. These versions of the applications are also advertisement free.

What is Mod APK for IOS?

Mod APK are normally called third party applications. These applications may be downloaded in android systems easily, but for IOS, they require a lot of effort. There are special applications developed for IOS to install APK files in them. These APK files are called IPA in IOS systems. These files are written for IOS systems such as iPhone, iPod Touch or iPads.

Is Mod APK safe to download?

It is a general perception that Mod APK files are not safe until you develop or design it yourself. This is not always the case. Some of such files are safe, while others are not. So there is no accurate answer to this because this basically depends on the source from where you got the file. There are some trusted websites which are 100 percent safe like apksoldier.com from where you can get apk files which are virus free and completely secure. However, not all the sites are secure. You can determine which files are safe or not by the following ways:

  • There are many antivirus applications and tools which are available on the internet. These applications may be paid or free. You must install these applications before getting an APK file.
  • When you are 100 percent sure that there is no virus in the APK file, then you can install the applications.
  • Normally, the smart manager or virus detector present in mobile phones notifies you about the virus present in the applications before. The phone can not get a virus before you install the application.
  • See if the application is asking for too many permissions or if strange notifications start to appear. Immediately cancel the download.
  • Always get the file from trusted sources like apksoldier.com.

Where to Download Mod APK?

Downloading and installing Mod APK files is very easy. Adopt the following steps to download apk files:

  • Download the Mod APK file from any trusted APK site just like Apk Soldier.
  • Before starting to install the file, go to the settings option in your phone.
  • Then go to the menu and allow permission for third party apps to work on your phone.
  • Then click on ‘APK file’.
  • Then click on install.
  • You have to wait for some time while the file is being installed.

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