What is Technical SEO?

Do you feel like your website is not performing as well as it should? Are you tired of trying to figure out what Google’s algorithm changes mean for your site? It may be time to implement some technical seo. Let me tell you how.

Firstly, What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is all about improving how your website and the servers are configured to make them more crawlable for search engine spiders. This helps you rank higher in organic searches, which should be at or near the top of every site’s priority list!

So how does Google Search Work?

1.   Google crawls your website

The internet is full of content, but how do you find it? Enter the search engine crawler – an electronic device that scrambles for information on websites. It’s also responsible for linking related web pages together so users can easily navigate their way through entire sites or just one page at a time! There are many different types out there including Googlebot (the most popular), Bingbot by Microsoft®, Yahoo!, etc.

2.   Google Indexes your website

A page is discovered, and Google tries to understand what the content of a web page is. This process known as indexing can take up seconds or hours depending on how much information there was for it to analyze in depth before determining if something should be included among its search results

3.   Google serves & ranks your website

When a user types in Google, they are automatically given options from their search. These include the best answer determined by many factors and considerations that will provide them with an optimal experience such as location or device type (desktop vs phone).

So What can you do to quickly help your technical SEO?

One of the most important things for an SEO to remember is that ranking changes are not equal. Some will have a greater impact than others on your site’s traffic and rankings, so it’s crucial you prioritize which ones matter most before making any major updates or decisions with regards to optimization strategy!

Check your pages can be indexed

If you want people who are looking for your product or service to find it, make sure the pages can be indexed by Google. I would highly recommend learning how to check your meta tags to ensure they are set to ‘Index’ where necessary. Similarly, create a google search console account to check what pages Google is already ranking for your website.

Internal links are a way to make your site more easily found and also help it rank better. They help a crawler pass through sections of your website.

Add schema markup

Schema markup is essential for improving the indexing and ranking of your content by search engines. It allows you to add metadata about each article, product or service in order to better understand it; this includes things like describing its relationship with other products on a website (related sales), providing details such as price ranges customers should be aware

Schema Markup powers many different features that help websites stand out from one another while still being relevant during searches and improves their performance when crawled!

Additional Technical Factors

There are many more factors to verify such as your page speed, HTTPS, mobile friendliness, correct use of Hreflang tags etc.

They are all extremely important to the wellbeing of your website and to maximise your potential to get crawled & ranked by Google.

If you need help with this, you can visit my Technical SEO Consultant page for more information.

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