VPNs have become indispensable tools for roaming the world wide web anonymously.

What Is The Best VPN For Your Mac?

What’s a VPN, you ask? Virtual Private Networks provide a safe, secure and private connection as you browse, download or stream on the internet. Your IP address will be kept hidden, which in itself allow you access to otherwise geo-restricted content.

There are a dozen Mac VPNs available to use, so how will you know which is the best Mac VPN for you?

First, a few of them won’t even work on macOS environments, so you’ll have to read if a particular software or program supports your current operating system. Others are advertised as free, but come with serious limitations in terms of speed and data transmission quality.

Keep in mind that not all apps labeled as a VPN are what they seem. A few clever hackers dress up malicious code as a “VPN” and offer them to the public so they can steal valuable data and observe your browsing habits. Worse, they’ll get ahold of your login information or sell your details to unscrupulous third parties.

How do you keep your Mac safe as you browse the web anonymously via VPN?

Choose a reputable VPN company that’s legit and widely used. You won’t have to worry about your data being compromised, whether you’re shopping online at home or checking your email at a coffee shop’s public Wi-Fi. In some cases, subscribing to a VPN premium service might be the better option if you intend to use VPN all the time.

More importantly, the top VPNs will have built-in security protocols to protect its users. Encryption is absolutely necessary for online payments, transactions and other sensitive, personal matters. Some will find VPNs to be a gateway that unlocks geo-restricted content in streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and others.

You can try VPNs free for a certain time and commit to a subscription or premium Mac VPN service if it meets all your private browsing needs.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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