What is Web Hosting Software?


Web hosting software helps manage different files, databases, sites, emails, and more. It is a control panel hosted on a server. Hosting providers and companies use it to manage multiple databases and websites.

Web Hosting Software

Web hosting service providers offer different plans to meet different needs. Big corporations’ needs differ markedly from those of bloggers. Web hosting software is crucial because it makes it possible to streamline DNS settings, server databases, website hosting, and mailboxes. Using a web hosting panel, you can monitor the site’s bandwidth use and adjust your bandwidth. You will need to do this if people are having problems accessing your site. 

Web Hosting Software: What to Look For

Among the things to look for when selecting hosting software are DNS, domain, file, and database management, TSL/SSL, bandwidth monitoring, and task automation. DNS records include TXT and MX records and nameserver. The software should enable full DNS customization for each add-on domain hosted.

We use domains to access site content. The software allows us to manage domains and subdomains and create new ones on the server. Through the GUI provided by the software, users can download, upload, add, and remove files on the server.

TSL/SSL encryption is critical to protect data like credit card numbers and login passwords.

By monitoring the bandwidth, you always know how much server resources your site is using. Issues can arise as a result of excessive bandwidth usage.

Managing databases from the server can be cumbersome, particularly if you have a big eCommerce website. Hosting software helps you do this easily from a centralized location.

Finally, the software automates tasks such as taking backups on scheduled time and checking your website for broken links. This makes precious time available to you, in which you can focus on more important aspects of your online activity.  

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