Automatic roofing deductible payments.

What Type of Software Every Roofing Company Should Use?

Today, apps like Fund My Deductible are helping all parties in the roofing game. They allow roofers to take on contracts; they permit homeowners to meet their financial obligations; they help out insurance companies by allowing them to stay within the margin of their contracts.

There’s something you have to understand, as far as deductibles are concerned, there’s really no one to blame — there’s no villain.

  • Deductibles are required by law. Most insurance companies have them not only because it helps them financially, but because it is state-required. Not only that, most insurance companies make it a point to remind and highlight deductibles on a contract BEFORE homeowners sign on with them.
  • Contractors are required by law to uphold the terms of their client’s policies. They can’t start on a project without first having to deal with the issue of deductibles.
  • Homeowners are well aware of the cost of their deductibles — some choose higher deductibles so they can have cheaper monthly premiums.

Nonetheless, when tragedy strikes, no one likes to be reminded of the fine print in the get-out-of-jail-free card. When you have to replace a roof the last place you want to find yourself is negotiating with a company, you’ve been paying to for the last couple of years, haggling deductibles — clients coming face to face with the wall that is their agent’s response: “well, you knew the price of the deductible when you signed the agreement. It’s not a surprise.”

That’s why automated apps like FMD are becoming the trend nowadays. They help everyone maintain a chipper relationship. Amidst tragedy, FMD allows everyone to meet their responsibilities.

And it’s not just for deductibles …

Today, Apps are everywhere. A couple of years ago, in mid-digital evolution, Steve Jobs in the midst of one of his passionate keynote addresses predicted the future — “If you think about it, then there’s probably an app for that.”

Apps have made life that much simpler. They’ve streamlined just about everything and cut through all the red tape by automatically taking care of minutiae that were making life so tedious. Apps have allowed us to outsource the bureaucratic nonsense that weighs us down — and permit us to focus solely on our job, on our passion, and on growing our business.

To what extent?

Well, surveys and studies have determined that over 80% of consumers now choose a service on account of its technological platform. On digital services that allow them to have control without human interaction on their investment and their products. Think back, not as a constructor or roofer, but as a consumer — How have apps simplified your life? Your communication? Your buying habits? Your banking? Your services?

Your clients and suppliers demand the same tech’ structure from you.

Apps and your workflow

Apps have made it possible for you to give better service — they’ve allowed you to optimize and streamline your products, your contracts, and just about every aspect of your business. It’s not so much how apps have helped you out, it’s more along the lines of. “How did we ever get anything done without them?”

The most common types of roofing software

works estimating software

Estimate and bidding software like Stacks, PorEs, and clear estimates, have revolutionized the field. They allow contractors to quickly create detailed cost estimates, schedules, and construction plans.

These types of software can actually pull pieces of information (through takeoff functionality) from a digital blueprint and specs -sheet and use it to generate cost estimates. The focus on creating project bids, proposals, managing clients, analyzing costs, and reporting back to team members.

roofing deductibles collecting & income tracking software

Platforms like FMD and their apps allow roofers the ability to track income streams, automate collections and allow clients to have greater control over their finances. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Roofers and constructors can add to their business a cutting edge, entirely legal, way of cutting down contract negotiation times by helping clients out with home insurance deductibles.

The benefits of using software

46% of consumers that interact with a company that has few if any digital solutions rarely repeat the experience. People expect more from their service providers. A survey discovered that most consumers that notice a fault in a provider’s digital platform or apps, normally believe that said provider is not as professional as they seem. The benefits of using software to better your business are clear — what some roofers fail to understand is that right now the main benefit is the fact that you are using the software. Not what it does. Not how it helps you out — BUT the perception it creates in your client’s mind.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.