What’s App Store Optimization: All You Need To Know About Make the app description Suitable for Apple Users


iPhone app store optimization is one of the important stages in the mobile app lifecycle. App store promotion allows you to get the influx of users in the same way as SEO website optimization. However, there are some specific ASO (Apple Store optimization) techniques which are pretty different from the SEO strategies. So, how to write an app description suitable for Apple users? Below you will find practical tips to help you in this matter.

What's App Store Optimization All You Need To Know About Make the app description Suitable for Apple Users

What is ASO?

Let’s start with the definition and importance of app store optimization. ASO or App Store Optimization is what allows you to stay afloat and fight even the biggest market sharks. Of course, if your product is well designed and will evoke positive emotions in users, solving their pain points better than the competitors. So, what is so special about ASO?

In fact, this is the same SEO. Hence, there are other nuances of app search engine optimization strategy and analytical approaches that should be taken into account when developing content for your product. It is also important to create keywords, meta tags, and meta descriptions here.

So, how to prepare content according to ASO canons? Below you will find some tips to help you get started and understand this topic.

Top Tips on How to Write a Suitable app description for Apple Users

Follow the next tips step by step to seamlessly proceed with app store optimization.

Define a Content Promotion Strategy

The first thing you need to start with is to decide on a strategy for promoting your content. Today, posting an app description on your website’s blog is not enough. You have to determine how you will promote your app description.

One of the optimal solutions is to use the guest posting strategy. This strategy allows you to get traffic to your site and create more backlinks which will positively affect the ranking of your site. The presence of backlinks is a quality signal for search algorithms, so you should definitely include this method of promotion in your strategy.

Do Keyword Research

The issue of keyword research is still extremely vital, especially when you’re building a list of keywords to describe your app to iPhone users. The peculiarity is that Apple prohibits the use of terms, product names, companies, or brands that are registered trademarks and you do not have rights to use. Therefore, consider this feature when creating relevant keywords.

Plus, keep in mind there is no dedicated tool for researching the keywords for App Store. But you can still use something like Google Adwords, Ahrefs or Uber Suggest. Here it is important to take into account all the parameters in order to choose the most winning combinations.

Generate Useful Content

When writing your app description, you have to remember that today search algorithms give preference to those app descriptions that are useful. Therefore, the following points should be taken into account:

  • The app description should show how the app solves the user’s problem.
  • Create a simple text to read. The text should be easy to understand. There is even a concept of a “grandma test” which means that even an elderly person should understand what your app is about after reading its description.

Don’t Mislead Users

Another important point when writing an app description for iPhone users is the ban on misleading users. What is this about? First, don’t use the existing trademarks. Secondly, users should not confuse your app with the products of competitors. Because it can become a trademark dispute.

Use Social Networks

Using social networks to promote your app will never be superfluous. Social media content can bring tons of targeted traffic to your website. Moreover, you can use advertising.

Therefore, you should not pass by such a promotion channel as social networks and miss the opportunity to get the target audience to capture as many potential users of your app as possible.

Wrapping Up

Use these ASO tips to prepare the right content since it is decisive for the number of users of your product. In essence, these tips are similar to SEO but have only a few differences. Therefore, a little of your attention and an effective app description for iPhone users will be ready.

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