When In Doubt, Neon Sign It Up!

Have you felt like blacks and blues have become typical? Do reds and yellows need a highlight? Do you reckon whites could use a tad more magic? Well, the universe is definitely giving you signs . . . ahem, we mean custom neon lights, to be precise!

Still not convinced? No worries, mate. We have a whole journey to take you towards finding your perfect new match.

When In Doubt, Neon Sign It Up!

Change from the Cliché

All you need to add a touch of ‘fancy’ to the monotonous usual is a ‘neon sign.’ Are you thinking ‘I Like Where This Is Going’? Guess what? Even that can be made into a classic, lit sign that brightens up any area within seconds. Add a style statement that’s unforgettable, bold, and exciting. So, every time you switch on a sign, your happiness lights up too.

Stamp Your Greenprint

Whether it’s your bedroom, the entrance to a lobby, or even a company logo, let’s up our interior deco game. In the present, we don’t just want stylish things; we also want stuff that makes a difference. For a woke generation, neon signs are a sustainable way to flaunt. How? They’re energy-efficient, using 50-60% less power, and an incredibly eco-friendly option. Slay the scene while being green!

From Choosing Colour To Designing Neon Sign

When it comes to choices in colour, neon signs have innumerable options. Any beautiful shade can be converted into soft glows and can easily be matched with the aesthetics around. Along with the hues, the design possibilities are also limitless. Contrast with your wall shade or match it up; there’s nothing like too little art, after all. Isn’t this all a deal worth signing (geddit?) up for?

It’s A Long-Lasting Affair

If you’re still not convinced that neon signs create sparks, here’s another reason. Durability. They’ll be committed to you for a really, really, really long time, adorably being part of your moments. Even the small issues can easily be tackled with professional help. Isn’t this a relationship worth getting into?

Designs Clinching A Win

With the buzz of social media and a race to be unique, there’s no doubt that neon signs are winners. From ‘Good vibes only’ to a logo design that you’re a fan of, there’s anything that’s possible. For your Insta worthy drools, you can take a step ahead and even create your own signs. Show off your creative personality, and who knows, you’ll start the next viral trend! #NeonLit.

Modern Art For Aesthetic Heart

There’s no doubt that pretty things always catch the eye. Colour? Check. Font? Check. Catchy caption? Check. Cool factor? Check. These are just a few of the many tricks that make hanging neon signs a fun indulgence. It wouldn’t be underrated to call them extremely attractive. Make a bridal shower, birthday party, or even a general get-together the real talk of the town.

If you’ve agreed with the majority of these points, you know what’s missing to spice up life.  Whether impressing your mummy or the next-door girl, neon signs, give them a burl!