Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world, and it’s something the movies had always predicted. Of course, the genre of sci-fi has its set of problems because not all the information that is provided to the viewers is accurate. But even in those bits and pieces, we see so many honest moments. Where do those ideas stem from? A place of inspiration, right? A where doesn’t inspiration come from? From life and experiences.

Which Movies Get Artificial Intelligence Right? Are These Plots Scientifically Plausible?

What is the one thing that discriminates between humans and robots? It’s the emotion, the feelings. This poignant understanding was shown to us in the 1982 movie Blade Runner. It may sound terrifying, but the truth is this: Many movies have predicted and gotten artificial intelligence right. There are aspects to movies that may be too fictitious and implausible, but a lot of them are actually now true.

Another great example of AI usage as a plotline in movies is the marvel movies in order of story. MCU has shown many different AI systems in different movies, which somewhat seem plausible. There are several plotlines where they are actually the protagonists, like the new Wanda Vision series.

Let’s look at examples of movie plotlines that have used AI as “characters.”


Jarvis is the most popular AI technology that has been used in Marvel movies. What is the role of Jarvis? This bot is an assistant of Tony Stark, who helps him with research, to acquire information, calculate data, solve equations, etc. When Tony becomes Iron Man, Jarvis is essentially his central control program that becomes his life support.

There are several ways that make Jarvis possible in real life. For example, Jarvis can compute data at a much higher pace than humans, not to forget more accurately. Other prime examples include his ability to recognize voices, speak, and respond in real-time. And the most interesting piece of information about Jarvis is that he can easily scan his opponent and find out their weaknesses.

AIDA (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

AIDA is yet another prominent AI technology that has been used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This artificial technology was initially created to counter-terrorism activities by the members of SHIELD. This technology, however, ended up developing actual human emotions and went completely rogue.

Because of his free will, it has become increasingly impossible to draw real-life comparisons. The most intriguing features of AIDA include its superhuman strength and the ability to heal faster. And like any other artificial intelligence technology, AIDA can also speak, compute and respond in real-time. It’s simply the fact that it possesses both human and robot-like features that make it significantly dangerous.


Another super-bot created by Tony Stark, ULTRON, is an antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although it was made from the same computations used on JARVIS, Ultron ends up becoming more conscious and aware of his surroundings and doesn’t find it important to protect Earth. He starts to feel that human beings are, in fact, dangerous, and so they are the biggest threat to him. He is extremely intelligent, like any other AI technology.

Along with that, ULTRON has the ability to self-repair and compute with utmost accuracy in a heartbeat. As far as the strategic and computing abilities are concerned, Ultron and Jarvis are the same. But when it comes to consciousness and motives, ULTRON is eviler and not a reality in the real world.


Vision has the abilities of both ULTRON and JARVIS, but it was made to fight humanity, separating it from the league of JARVIS and AIDA. Vision has high stamina, durability as well as superhuman intelligence. As his story progresses, we now see him developing human emotion, which is why he has a relationship with Wanda as well.

His brain is wired to compute data and access storage at a much faster pace than the other AI technology in MCU.  Vision has also been stored with a mind stone that ultimately led to his death. If we continue to work in the field of AI, there will be a time when humans and robots could form a relationship or depend on each other emotionally; also seen in the movie Her.

In Conclusion

The three movies discussed above have toyed with concepts related to artificial intelligence that are far too real. You could either feel terrified and get intimidated by the possibility or simply embrace the future where both AI and humans will exist together.