WhoCalleMe Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

What is WhoCallMe?

“Want to find out who called me from this phone number”? Then you must try WhoCallMe. WhoCallMe is one of the most prominent and professional free online reverse phone lookup platforms that enable users to perform phone numbers and people searches for free. The company has built an excellent reputation for generating accurate and reliable caller reports over the years. You can perform background checks for personal mobile numbers and institution phone numbers.

Most users have applauded WhoCallMe for helping them identify the callers who hide behind unknown phone numbers. They are very satisfied with the accuracy of the information they obtain from this reverse phone lookup platform. Furthermore, some customers also continue using the site as well as refer their friends to try it out.

WhoCalleMe Review Is It A Scam Or Legit?

The company data sources include the federal government, state, and private institutions’ records, ensuring you get truthful information about the callers. With their extensive database, you can quickly reveal callers’ identities and background information. 

Is WhoCallMe A Scam Or Legit?

WhoCallMe is a legal phone lookup service provider certified to operate in the United States of America. The website has a disclaimer advising users not to use the information obtained for marketing, tenant or employee screening, or any other use that may require FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliance.

This site collects caller information from trustworthy public and private databases. Some of these data sources include government offices or records such as police and court data. It means the information you get from this platform is largely authentic and credible. Besides, thousands of WhoCallMe reviews on third-party websites affirm that the phone lookup platform is 100% legit.

Thus, you should understand how to legally utilize the information obtained from this reverse phone lookup platform. It is illegal to use the caller’s information for malicious activities such as conning, threatening, blackmailing, or spamming the caller.

Main Features of WhoCallMe

The site has exciting features that make it stand out prominently in the global phone lookup service market. Check out these key WhoCallMe features.

Who Called Me

It is the main feature on the WhoCallMe site that enables users to carry out caller background checks and reveal the identities of persons behind the mysterious calls. With this feature, you can tell if it is aggressive telemarketers, pranksters, friends, or relatives trying to reach out to you with a new number.

You can find out who called you by just searching for the phone number on the WhoCallMe site. With this caller data, you can comfortably decide which phone numbers to call back or block from reaching you again. This feature enables users to search as many phone numbers as possible.

To use this excellent feature, visit the WhoCallMe platform, enter the phone number, and press the search button. The site will search through all its databases and provide you with a detailed caller report within a matter of a few minutes. 

Phone Directory

WhoCalleMe Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

A phone directory is a digital database with people’s contacts, full names, and addresses within a particular geographical area. This feature allows you to look up unknown callers by their area codes, increasing the accuracy of the phone lookup results you obtain from this platform.

For example, if the phone number starts with a Texas area code (210), you can search for the person in the Texas phone directory. The WhoCallMe search will also unmask the caller’s immediate friends or family and other relevant information associated with the phone number.

WhoCallMe has a people search feature that makes searching for people a piece of cake. With this feature, you can search individuals by their full names and retrieve their details online. For instance, this feature can be a good solution when looking for an old friend, colleague, or campus coursemate when you don’t have their contacts.

Upon visiting the site, type the name on the search bar, and press the search button. The site will search the names through its vast database, and the results will pop up quickly.

However, sometimes you may get multiple search results. In this case, choose the most appropriate outcome, to get the right search report for you. The search results include the social media profiles, email addresses, work, residential addresses, and possible phone numbers used by the individual you’re looking for.

Advantages & Disadvantages of WhoCallMe

WhoCallMe phone lookup site comes with various benefits and downsides that you should look out for. They include;


  • Fast Verification Service: This site only takes a few minutes to generate a report about unknown callers. Users are only required to enter the phone number, click the search bar and wait for a few minutes to get the search results.
  • Multiple Search Options: WhoCallMe allows you to perform lookup searches through various methods. You can find people by their phone numbers, and full names. Besides, the phone directory enables users to search for persons within a specific state.
  • Consumer tools: The WhoCallMe website is committed to providing a seamless user experience with its 24/7 available service and easy-to use platform. There is also much useful information you need on the website. All these ensure you can enjoy a hassle-free search service.
  • 100% Secure Platform: WhoCallMe site uses next-gen encryption technology to ensure your data is 100% safe. Also, the unknown callers won’t know you have searched for their information on this platform. Besides, third parties cannot access the information you provided when paying for your membership fees.
  • Transparent Pricing Plans: To get a full caller report, you will pay a fee of $0.95. The price is fixed; you get to know what you’re paying for. No hidden fees are charged. Users are also entitled to a free trial option which offers limited search results.


  • Results may not be 100% accurate: WhoCallMe data sources include government and private sector records which may at times not be updated on time. Thus, the search results may not be up-to-date and entirely correct.
  • It takes longer to search: At times, the site is slow and takes longer to search and compile the caller report. 
  • Can’t save the searches: This platform only provides users with view-only caller reports. No download, share, or save option.

How Does WhoCallMe Work

WhoCallMe takes pride in enabling users to search for any phone number and get caller details in real-time. The site has premium tools that collect data from different sources and compile a comprehensive caller report within a few minutes. This platform is also encrypted to ensure your data is 100% secure as you search for who called or texted you.

The reports entail more than just the full name of the unknown caller. You get the background information, including social media handles, friend or family details, work address, residential address, all criminal records, age, gender, and more.

If the call comes from an institution, the site will also generate an all-inclusive report about the organization’s brief history, amongst other relevant details. In addition, the site will tell you spam and robocalls, so you can block the numbers from calling you again.

The search process is straightforward, making the site ideal for new and experienced users. Just ensure you have the correct phone number, paste it on the site’s search bar, press the search button, and get the caller report. Furthermore, the site allows users to search for people by their full names and location.

Where Does WhoCallMe Get Its Information?

This platform sources the caller information from different public and private databases, including the following;

  • Local, state, and federal government public records directories.
  • FBI records and local crime databases.
  • The United States of America census records.
  • Social media profiles and online platforms.
  • Financial institutions such as credit unions, banks, or microfinance.
  • Courts of law or justice system records.
  • Private business records such as product subscriptions and property databases.
  • And consumer reporting agencies’ records.

This site gathers caller information from any legal source to ensure you get well-researched and reliable results.

Could I Track Down All Of This Information Without Using WhoCallMe?

It can be challenging to get general caller details without the help of WhoCallMe. You may need to visit government institutions such as the FBI, census department, police offices, courts, and other private institutions and fill out many forms requesting access to the specified caller information. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the institutions will provide you with the caller’s information.

Thus, getting a detailed caller report is almost impossible unless you get assistance from a reliable phone lookup service provider like WhoCallMe. And if you manage to access the data, it would cost you lots of money and time.

Is WhoCallMe Safe To Use?

Yes, this site has complied with all data security regulations and implements the relevant data safety practices to keep your information safe. It uses modern encryption technology, so all searches are confidential, and users’ data is secure. 

Even if you perform thousands of searches, the WhoCallMe site will not notify the callers that you carried out the background checks on them. And no hackers or third parties can access the personal or financial information you provide to WhoCallMe when making subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Reverse phone lookup services help you reveal the identities of persons calling you with mysterious phone numbers. The service helps you know about caller names and get background information, so you can know which calls are worth returning and the phone numbers to block or report to relevant authorities.

With the hundreds of reverse phone lookup service providers on the internet today, it can be challenging to choose the most suitable platform. However, now that you have read this review and you understand how WhoCallMe works, you can comfortably try out the platform to help you find out who called. The site ensures quick and reliable phone number searches and offers all-inclusive caller information.