Who Should Develop Your Company’s Software?

Software development is crucial for any company looking to improve efficiency. By developing and utilizing IoT and blockchain technologies, you can increase sales, increase efficiency, and be at the edge of the newest technologies.

So where do you begin? 4soft is the perfect option!

What is 4soft?

4soft is a Poland-based software development company offering different software development services like IoT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency while also offering consulting and audits. In addition, 4soft offers various technological developments specifically designed for your company.

4soft has completed projects from clients across the globe. They’ve completed fintech and e-commerce companies projects in countries like the USA, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, and Australia.

The company has operated for over eight years and has over 70 team members. They’ve also delivered over 100 projects. With 4soft, you know you’re in good hands. Don’t believe it? Take a look at their impressive portfolio, then.

What Projects Has 4soft Done?

4soft has worked with several different clients on several various projects. Some of the most notable projects they’ve contributed to include:

  • The Torus Project: The Torus Project was designed to create a new cryptocurrency that lets people invest in green energy sources. 4soft developed a fundraising site for the project. The entire project took place over six months and involved six developers.
  • Storing Sensitive Data: Besides developing cryptocurrencies, 4soft also has experience in protecting data. The company was contacted by a state regulator responsible for broadcasting and telecommunication services. 4soft created a custom blockchain to help preserve and store the data. The entire project took place over three months and involved four team members.
  • Double Blockchain Platform: 4soft was approached by a client with a unique idea: Two intertwined blockchains to help minimize the cost of transferring money. 4soft approached the challenge by creating two tokens. One token was public and based on Ethereum, while the other was private and based on Quorum. The project took 12 months and was done by four team members. 4soft was successful in reducing money transfer costs by 100%.

This is only a small selection of 4soft’s past projects and successes. On the company website, more examples of 4soft’s efficiency and prowess are available to look over.

What is 4soft’s Goal?

4soft offers custom, specialized solutions for your company. They have experience working with companies from multiple industries, of different sizes, and with various goals.

4soft wants to implement new, cutting-edge technologies to help boost efficiency and offer solutions for other companies. Their aim is to help you understand the benefits and importance of new technologies and utilize them in solving problems.

You can be confident that 4soft will offer innovative solutions to your company’s problems that are easy and enjoyable to use. So what are you waiting for? Visit their website and contact them today!

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