Why Apple Watch Is A Great Gift For Hockey Players


As the holiday season sneaks up on us, the inkling to begin shopping should be taking hold. If you have any hockey athletes in your life, you will likely be looking for perfect gifts for hockey players. While there are a lot of choices out there, an Apple Watch is great gift and one you should consider giving to a hockey player close to you.

Why Apple Watch Is A Great Gift For Hockey Players


The first concern that we have heard is whether it is safe to wear an Apple Watch out on the ice. After all, they do have a glass screen and are not an inexpensive gift. But, watches should easily slip underneath a hockey glove and not take on any damage, especially if they are turned upside down. It is ok to not wear it during a game as well to avoid being hit by a wayward stick. It is less of a risk during practice or training, however. Also, Nike teamed up with Apple recently to come out with the Apple Watch Nike that is waterproof as well if that was a cause for concern. This watch is made for athletes and is intended to be durable and last a long time.

The Health Benefits

There are a lot of benefits that come from wearing an Apple Watch when playing hockey. Looking at health benefits, an Apple Watch can track the wearer’s heart rate, keeping track of irregularities or other concerns that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. It also helps with training, knowing when the heart is at a beneficial rate and when it comes back down to resting.

Workout Benefits

Whether hockey, cycling, running, swimming, or even yoga, the Apple Watch can help measure an athlete’s workout. It allows the wearer to set specific goals, whether distance, calorie, or time, and then can let the athlete know exactly how well he or she did once the workout is over. As a hockey player, this can work as a trainer, giving athletes key information to help him or her improve. This can also be great in the off-season, when athletes are working to maintain fitness, but are on the ice less often. The information is also always visible so the athlete does not need to stop to know how he or she is doing.


The Apple Watch utilizes apps, just like the iPhone does. A hockey player can download a hockey app directly that can provide workouts, track movement, and give other types of advice from the wrist. While it might be covered by the glove, it still can be set ahead of time. Other workout apps might also benefit players, making the Apple Watch a tool that can improve their game. The watch can also let the wearer know any reminders or alerts that might be happening, so he or she will not be so immersed in the workout to miss out on something important.


Let’s not forget all of the benefits of the Apple Watch itself. Not only can the wearer answer calls and text using the watch, but they can check the weather, listen to music, listen to podcasts, or use any number of apps. You can play music without the iPhone being anywhere near you, though you will need Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker in order to do so. If you are giving an Apple Watch to a loved one, it will be much easier to stay in contact as well.

All in all, the Apple Watch makes an excellent hockey gift. If the cost makes you hesitant, Apple does have some financing options if you are interested.


Lucy Bennett

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