Why are Dedicated Servers Best for Gaming?

The field of the video game industry has come a long way. With the advent of the internet and other advanced solutions, it has become possible to play video games online with people from across the globe.

However, many people encounter issues while playing video games, such as slow loading, lagging, and unstable connections. This becomes very annoying, and players lose interest in playing video games.

Why are Dedicated Servers Best for Gaming?

Fortunately, there is an excellent solution to the aforementioned issues that people face while playing video games. Using dedicated server hosting eliminates slow loading and lagging issues and provides the best experience to players. Also, it enables players to have control over the game and provides a more stable connection.

Along with video games, dedicated server hosting also plays a vital role in streaming video and content. The reason why dedicated server hosting offers great benefits is that it provides an excessive amount of RAM and CPU, making it an ideal platform for playing games and streaming video or content.

In this article, we shall shed light on why dedicated servers are best for gaming. But before diving deep into the topic, let us first discuss what exactly dedicated servers are.

What are Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is a remote server and type of web hosting that is completely dedicated to a single person, organization, or application. A hosting or cloud service provider is responsible for managing dedicated servers.

As its name and definition suggest, dedicated servers are not shared with other people, services, or applications. They provide the feel and functionality similar to in-house servers but are managed and owned by hosting providers.

In a dedicated server, the user or client connects to the server remotely over the Internet and performs specific tasks.

When it comes to a dedicated server for gaming, it is a remote server that hosts a video game for the client. It enables fast, reliable, and stable connections to online games. Also, the dedicated servers for gaming provide more storage capabilities, processing, and memory than other hosting solutions.

Why are Dedicated Servers Best for Gaming?

In any multiplayer online game, there is a host and multiple clients or players. A host is responsible for transmitting data to all the clients and keeping the game in synchronization. On the other hand, clients or players play the game without any hosting responsibilities.

The host is a player who starts the game and runs the local version of the game on a computer system or console. Also, the host is responsible for handling each player’s location in the game, their activities, interactions, scores, and many other things.

Therefore, it is essential for the host computer or system to have more memory, processing power, and bandwidth. If not, all the clients will experience lagging, slow loads, bugs, and crashes.

In a dedicated server hosting, the host is not a player. Instead, all the players connect to a remote server. Each player gets excessive computing power and a stable connection. This server is managed and operated by hosting providers.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers for Gaming

The following are some remarkable benefits of using dedicated servers for gaming:

1.   More Control

Having complete control over the game is one of the most significant benefits of using a dedicated server for gaming. When you use a dedicated server, you have the authority to configure the server as per your choices and requirements, including selecting an operating system and configuring the game.

Moreover, you will be able to control the number of players in the game. You will have the authority to set the game rules, such as what leads to a win, how many rounds a game consists of, what weapons are allowed and prohibited, etc.

2.   Reliability

There is no need to share the server with other people with a dedicated server. Therefore, there is no worry of facing issues, such as lagging or slow loads, as it would be while using resources from the shared pool.

Many hosting providers offer guaranteed uptime and continuous monitoring and surveillance so that the server operates all the time in any condition.

3.   Improved Performance

Dedicated hosting is unbeatable when it comes to game performance. Since using a dedicated server for gaming eliminates the lagging issue and speeds up the loading time, it results in improved performance. Moreover, a dedicated server also reduces the problem of getting out of a game due to the poor connection issue.

4.   Enhanced Security

When you use a computer system or console to host a specific online game, that system or console becomes more vulnerable. On the other hand, using dedicated servers eliminates all the security issues. This is because the hosting providers invest a lot in cybersecurity, providing DDoS protection, strong firewalls, and manual and scheduled backups.

5.   Immediate Support

Most hosting providers offer immediate and round-the-clock support if you face technical issues. Also, they provide you the assistance in configuring and running the dedicated server.


Here we end our discussion on why dedicated servers are best for gaming. Using a dedicated server for gaming is one of the best choices if you want to play online video games without any hassle. Dedicated servers provide guaranteed uptime, eliminate lagging, accelerate loading time, and boost performance. In addition, you will have complete control over the game. More importantly, you don’t have to share the server with other people.