Why are the Prices for Skins in CS2 Different

In September 2023, the release of a new version of Counter Strike was presented. Moreover, the developers decided to act coordinately and refused to support Global Offensive. Accordingly, almost all active players switched to the new project. The graphics of the cult shooter became even more realistic. What is only worth the visual representation of water and the movement of players on it. To traders do not worry about their skins they were saved in the inventory of the trading platform Steam. Moreover, according to many users, all in-game items have become even more attractive. Images on the surface of weapons have become more colorful and memorable.

Is it worth buying Counter Strike 2 Skins now? Overall, there is nothing to indicate that the cost of skins should drop anytime soon. Moreover, since the summer of 2023, there is a tendency to increase the price. This is especially true for cases, which have increased in value by 50 percent on average.

Why are the Prices for Skins in CS2 Different

If experienced users have already figured out the various nuances of the gameplay, including trading in-game items, newcomers have a lot of questions. First of all, they do not even understand how to change one weapon design to another in the game settings. Only over time, after watching a tutorial video players become more interested in buying a new skin, thereby standing out from other users.

Also, newcomers to Counter Strike 2 have questions about why some weapons are more expensive than alternatives. This can be influenced by the popularity of the automatic rifle, or sniper rifle. The more often gamers buy this or that device, the more in demand it becomes on the market. Accordingly, the price of skins for such weapons increases. A striking example is the change in the characteristics of the M4A1-S in 2021. At that time, an overwhelming number of users bought M4A4, as it was more convenient to shoot, and hit the target with greater accuracy. After the change in features, single-auto skins skyrocketed while the cost of similar variants dropped.

Shotguns and machine guns are hardly used in ranked games and on the professional scene. Therefore, no matter how beautiful the skin on these types of weapons, the price will be minimal.

If we talk about those types of weapons that traditionally have a large price, it is:

  1. AWP. Almost half of the players position themselves as snipers. This is also influenced by the fact that the best players of today, Ukrainian s1mple and French Zywoo, are snipers. For a long time, the most expensive skin on the trading platform was AWP Dragon Lore. The cost of this weapon with a minimum degree of wear and tear reached 50000. The default variant was to the taste of few people because of the dull green color.
  2. M4A4. About this machine has already been mentioned above. Although, the price for skins and became a little less recently, it still remains one of the most popular machines among players. As a vivid example, you can mention the M4A4 Howl, which costs tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. AK-47. If you play for terrorists, then you can be sure that you will have to buy this machine gun at least once per match. It is very effective and easy to use. The number of skin designs for AK-47 is hard to count, and some of them have crazy price.
  4. Desert Eagle. A gun that many players never learned how to handle. However, if you practice regularly, you can get your hands on a truly effective pistol with which you can resist even opponents with assault rifles. However, it is not a good idea to buy it in the first round.

As a result, there are many factors that affect the cost of weapons. And therefore you must learn to analyze the market, if you want to earn good money on skins. Trading platform Steam and third-party resources contain tables and graphs of changes in the price of weapons.