Why Investing in a G Suite Backup Solution is a Good Idea


In today’s digital world, businesses have moved from using paper to store documents and proprietary information to drives, computers and servers.

Why Investing in a G Suite Backup Solution is a Good Idea

Loss of data has become a serious concern, one that can cripple operations, marketing and sales. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways organizations can lose data, from accidental deletion and malware to hardware failure and malicious attacks.

A backup solution can prove to be a lifesaver, especially if you’re using G Suite as your main platform.

Why Get a G Suite Backup Solution?

A G Suite backup solution can bring your business multiple benefits, including ransomware protection and cloud-to-cloud backup with the ability to save your documents to the cloud.

A good backup software not only takes care of your G Suite apps- it can be a source of Office 365 backup as well. At any point after a security event which leads to loss of data occurs, a backup tool can stop precious data from being deleted or corrupted permanently.

G Suite admin actions and end user accidental or intentional actions are no longer disruptive in the event that you have a G Suite backup in your organization. What’s more, fully-automated backups can restore G Suite data to a point before a malicious online attack or theft happens.

Backing up essential data can be as quick as 5 to 10 minutes, or up to an hour, depending on the amount of data and nature of your business. You can generate secure keys, search for files, export accounts or documents for local archiving or run status reports for your backups.

Adding a backup solution can add to your monthly expenses, but there’s no better tool than having a backup of your data, documents and personal files when something goes wrong. For this reason a G Suite backup is worth every cent in terms of getting your business back on track.


Lucy Bennett

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