Why is Address Verification Software Helpful for Businesses?

Address verification is the process through which a business verifies that its customer is located at the address provided by them. It can be done either manually or automatically using an online address verification tool. Consequently, it is crucial for businesses, especially finance and eCommerce companies. These companies face a lot of challenges when it comes to address verification. So, it becomes imperative to hire professional help such as address verification by Experian.

Continue reading if you want to discover the reasons why address verification tools are crucial.

Why is Address Verification Software Helpful for Businesses?

Data Entry Errors

Data entry errors are the most common mistake when it comes to verification. This is because addresses are often long and complicated, and it’s easy for someone to make a mistake with spaces or punctuation. Moreover, data entry errors can be costly for businesses because they delay deliveries, cause customers to complain about not receiving their orders on time, and result in lost business opportunities due to negative reviews on online platforms. To avoid these problems, companies should use address verification tools provided by professional verification companies.

Incomplete Addresses

There are several reasons why incomplete addresses can be a problem. The most obvious is that they prevent you from delivering the products or services to customers, leading to unhappy customers and wasted time.

Incomplete addresses make it much harder for your business to reach new customers and keep track of current ones. To avoid this issue, use an expert tech solution and other tools like CRM (customer relationship management) software.

Multiple Address Formats

Address formats vary from country to country, state to state, and even region. For example, you may have a different format for the United States than your Canadian counterpart. Therefore, it is a big challenge for businesses to have various address databases. Additionally, when addressing an apartment building or condo complex in the US, one should include the unit number within your mailing address. With the software, you can choose a suitable format and reach customers worldwide.

International Address Verification

International address verification is more complex than domestic address verification. It requires more time, effort, and data points. Businesses often have to query multiple data sources to gather the information needed for their international address verifications. This means that you’ll need a report with more details than what you may get from your domestic addresses. It makes sense to use advanced software that caters to your needs.

Non-existent Addresses

Non-existent addresses constitute a significant problem in the verification process. Data entry errors, incomplete addresses, and multiple address formats can cause them. Fortunately, a solution to these challenges is available to businesses. Address verification services (AVS) are software products that help you validate whether or not an address exists and determine if it’s valid for your business needs. These solutions are available as API integrations with your existing systems or outsourced solutions from a trusted service provider.


The address verification process can be a fast and easy way to verify information about your customers. However, your business must have all the tools necessary to ensure having the correct information at all times. That’s why you need something like address verification by Experian. Such a professional company will have expert solutions, tools, and necessary resources to enhance communication, and customer loyalty, avoid the cost of returned mail, etc.