Why Is iOS Considered To Be More Secure Than Android


While buying smartphones, people mostly care about the apps, ease of usage, price, design, etc. One of the most crucial things that we tend to forget is the security, which should never be ignored. Today, smartphones have become extremely personal; these have a vast amount of personal data stored in them, like bank details. So it is critical to protect these details from hackers.

Why Is iOS Considered To Be More Secure Than Android

Now talking about security, the operating system of the smartphone has a huge role to play here. The way it is designed and maintained decides the level of protection it can give to your smartphones. In this context, it is always argued that iOS is much more secure than Android devices. It is one of the reasons why many people want to shift from Android to iOS. If you wish to do the same, rest assured that the move will be seamless, because you can transfer WhatsApp From Android to iOS with Backuptrans and likewise for other apps.

Now there are several reasons why iOS claims to be more secure.

Market share– It is one of the significant determinants of an operating system’s security. Scammers are always looking out for a big platform which they can attack to create greater impact. So talking about market share, android phones takes up 85% while 15% are iPhone users. It makes the Android OS more attractive to hackers. Even with the best security services, it becomes quite tough to protect android phones from all types of scams.

Virus and malware- As hackers mostly target android phones, it also has to face more viruses and malware attacks. According to popular research, around 97% of the malware attacks target Android phones.

Sandboxing- Apple phones use sandboxing technology, wherein every app runs in its own walled-off spaces called a sandbox. It means, even though an app can interact with other ones but only till a given threshold. So if any app has a virus in it, it won’t be able to interact with other apps, causing more damage. On the other hand, the android phones powered by Google are designed for maximum openness and flexibility. Even though that might benefit the developers greatly, it also makes the device more prone to getting attacked.

App Review- Talking about Google Playstore on Android phones, here apps get published without being reviewed thoroughly. It means anyone can design attacks hidden in an app and publish it in the Google play store. People downloading those apps get exposed to hackers. On the other hand, the Apple app store thoroughly reviews an app before publishing it.


Apart from these, if we consider the facial recognition system in both the devices, it has been found that the iPhone uses smart technology for face verification even if you grow a beard or wear a glass. Some Android phones with this feature, can still be fooled with a photo of the concerned person. But an iOS device is always smarter.

With all the points mentioned here, it should now be clear enough why iOS is much more secure than Android.

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