Why is the Apple iPad the prime device for Students

iPads are great devices without a doubt. This is because of their powerful internal hardware. They are a mini computer which you can carry anywhere and slimmer than a book. Students that are on the go and travel by bus or train need something lightweight and portable. This is why it is the go to device by students.

Below are some direct benefits discussed with the iPad and why it’s the best for academics?

#1: Improved Numeracy and Literacy

There has been research to show that the iPad has a very high chance of increasing study skills of the children. Particular areas which saw the improvement are numeracy and literacy.

It has also been proven to increase and tune the motor skills because they are learning using a digital asset which is part and parcel of the future. This is massively helping in increase their confidence and ownership and makes it easier for the teachers to manager the class.

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#2: Multiple Tasks at the same time

The iPad now because of the latest version of IOS allows multi-screen support. This allows the users to use two different apps on the screen. This has increase the productivity of the users as they are able to research and write their academic papers and homework’s at the same time.

#3: Learning is gaming

A study also showed that students that were using an iPad during their study time that they were not actually studying but playing. This helped in increasing their marks as they were more focused on the tasks in hand.

#4: Assessments are a breeze

One of the most feared moments are assessments and tests. iPads have made it much easier for this with apps such as Google Classroom and Quizlet. These allow the tutors to send various different tests, quizzes and give lessons remotely even if they are working from home which is a big step now as the world is changing in various directions and students are moving to online learning.

#5: Access to the entire web everywhere

As the new iPads have 4G and 5G access, students are able to keep access to the internet everywhere. They are able to access popular sites for academic help including Chegg. University level students also praised it saying they can also access all their documents, word docs and learn to unblur Course Hero website answers which they require for various subjects. They are easily able to view the content because of the size of screen. They are able to highlight important content and also make sure it can be synced with their Mac or Windows devices.

#6: Digital Age Going Forward

The digital age is moving forward pretty fast and pretty quick. The iPads are helping move this movement as well. By introducing them in classrooms and academies they quickly open the world of applications, web development and programming to students where they can access various online resources on the touch.

Are iPads better then laptops? (The Real Truth)

There is a massive misconception online weather this is true or not. This is not entirely true and depends on the question asked. Here is why. iPads run an operating system which is very limited to what it allows you to do. Windows 10 users have complete access to their devices and can install whichever software and app they wish by downloading it from the web. They can also enjoy high performance apps such as 3D CAD development, Artificial Intelligence and programming complex programs and maintaining databases. An iPad cannot do ANY of this. It is simply not powerful and versatile enough for such tasks.

Final Statement

iPads are great devices and are very smart in looks. They are great if you are an art student because of Apple Pencil and their highly responsive Pro Motion displays. A laptop is recommended always because of the better keyboard typing experience and more control on the software you can install which has a much wider community for support and any help scenarios. What are your opinions on this and have you ever used a tablet in your classroom? How was the experience?

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