Why TechAhead Deliver Results? These 3 Tech-Fuelled Strategies Are The Gamechanger


Mobile app development ecosystem has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last decade or so.

Why TechAhead Deliver Results? These 3 Tech-Fuelled Strategies Are The Gamechanger

And we at TechAhead are at the cusp of this revolution.

Why TechAhead Deliver Results? These 3 Tech-Fuelled Strategies Are The Gamechanger

Paradigm Change In Mobile App Development

Earlier, mobile app development was all about features and fancy bells and rings to create a differentiator. Heavy, native mobile apps for different operating systems were the norm, and standalone databases were the default way.

Optimizing user experience was something that was optional, and often ignored, and it hardly mattered how the users are responding to the user interface.

But in the last 10 years or so, these old rules are being demolished, as new advances in technologies are propelling an entirely new, dynamic, and human-centric approach to mobile app development.
If top-shot global brands like Audi, Disney, American Express, AXA, and others have chosen TechAhead to create their digital platforms, then the reason is that we are the harbinger of this new change.

We refuse to follow the stereotypes, and we reject the old notions of mobile app development strategies that don’t make any sense in today’s times.

With technology-fuelled strategies, we are rewriting the rules of the game, and this is the reason we are winning.

3 Technology-Fuelled Strategies For Mobile App Development

First thing first: There are no rules or standards when it comes to mobile app development. Every mobile app and digital platform is different, with unique needs and requirements.

However, the technology stacks and the strategies that govern mobile app development are evolving at a rapid pace, and they need to be customized and molded based on specific needs.

Here are three technology-fuelled strategies, which are guiding our decisions at TechAhead, and helping us to deliver stunning results to our clients.

Platform Independent Mobile App Development

Native app development is slowly, but gradually losing the battle to cross-platform app development, due to several reasons. While native app development is heavy, time-taking, and costly, cross-platform app development takes less time, is more flexible, and delivers an almost native-app like experience.

Our mobile app development strategies are heavily influenced by platform-independent frameworks like React Native and Flutter, and this is enabling our clients to go live across both Android and iOS in a relatively shorter duration of time.

And this translates to superfast success.

For example, one of our clients: The Healthy Mummy, was able to empower 2 million+ moms to lose 6 million+ pounds in less than a year. And this massive scaling and success happened because we revamped their existing mobile apps, and deployed cross-platform capabilities to swiftly re-launch on both Android and iOS platforms.

This tech-fuelled strategy helped TechAhead and The Healthy Mummy to script a new success story.

Intense Focus On User Experience & User Interface

We strongly believe that the art and science of delighting users with stunning UX and UI is part of the technical expertise that we are trying to deliver via mobile apps.

An immersive, human-centric design is the biggest differentiator that brands need in today’s hyper-connected, and competitive digital ecosystem. We deploy deep design thinking for every client, every project, and every mobile app.

We undergo intense research into the buyer’s persona, the pain points of the users, and brainstorm ideas on how a design based tech-solution can help them remove those pain points.

For example, while developing the user interface for {The And} relationship card game, we first understood the psyche of the audience that will participate in this game, and we scooped out how they will respond to different user experiences of the game. We tested and tried different combinations of the design elements, and we deployed the best, most powerful technology stack to support that design.
We were able to convert an Emmy Award-winning experience into an immersive, stunning mobile app that delighted their users, and helped to make this game more popular.

Internet Of Things: The Real Gamechanger

The Internet of Things and Machine Learning are opening up new portals of possibilities and a future that no one even imagined till a few years back.

And our team at TechAhead is not only prepared to deploy Internet of Things principles and technologies, but also pretty upbeat and excited about it.

With the Internet of Things becoming mainstream, newer, bolder, and daring mobile app ideas are materializing daily and we are proud to state that our team has been closely involved in some of these path-breaking projects.

For example, Volatiles, an award-winning lighting innovator from Berlin had an incredible vision of a mobile app, that can enable their users to program and schedule unique light scenes directly on the walls.
We accepted this challenge and deployed Internet of Things, Machine Learning along with hardware capabilities to deliver a stunning mobile app for smart lighting solutions, that has created ripples across the mobile ecosystem.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In our last 11 years of glorious existence, our 170+ strong team of designers, developers, mobile solution architects, and business analysts have delivered 2000+ mobile apps and digital platforms that have set new benchmarks in service efficiency.

As one of the leading app development companies, Our expertise in product innovation and digital transformation is empowering startups, businesses, and enterprises to gain a competitive advantage and trigger more sales, more revenues, and more profits.
Interested to know more? Visit us here for a quick assessment of your business idea and let’s set the balls rolling. You can also follow us on Linkedin to know more about tech-fuelled innovations in the mobile app development space.

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