Why the need for social media features?

If you are a regular social media user then you will be familiar with the different types of interaction that other users have with your account. This engagement is their way of reacting to your profile and its content and it gives you an idea of how popular your content is. As people begin to see the opportunities created by social media in terms of becoming a household name, more and more users are clamouring for interaction, leading to an awful lot of competition among them for engagement from other users. This competition and demand has led to a surge in the number of people doing their most to get more responses from other users. This is why you may find yourself coming across ads which offer you the chance to buy 10 Instagram likes. Similarly, these very same websites may also provide you with the chance to purchase views, comments and followers, as well as other less common types of social media interaction. However, all of these different features contribute in some way to the increase in engagement on social media which is required if you want to have access to a wider audience. To this end, the business in social media features is one that is growing and one which is proving to be increasingly popular amoung social media users who are trying to make their way to the top. If you are interested in finding out more about this approach yourself then have a read through this article and you will find out why these features are important and what you can do with them if you buy them.


Views are an important feature as they are the gateway to all the other types of interaction that follow in this list. By starting off with a view, users can then decide if they like the content or if they want to comment on it. Views, quite simply, refer to any time another social media user looks at your profile or its content. Although views do not give any idea of the response the user in question has had to your content, they can give you an idea of the number of people that are looking at your content. If you decide to pay for views, the best way to use them is to add as many as possible in order to give the content in question a boost and increase the likelihood of other users looking at it.

Why the need for social media features?


After views come likes; that is to say, once someone has had a look at your profile and its content and they have had some kind of a positive reaction then they are likely to give it a like: a public indication that they took something positive from the content in question. It could have be something that made them smile, something that made them laugh, something that they agreed with, something that they appreciated, something that they could identify with; it could be one of many reasons. The important thing is they had a positive response to what was posted. Likes are a very obvious indicator of the popularity of a post in question and its because of this that they are so highly-desired by social media users. Much like views, if you decide to buy likes, the idea is to add as many as possible so that the post will be even more popular.


Comments are another type of interaction that prove to be very useful when it comes to boosting the engagement and popularity of social media accounts. This is because, despite being a type of social media interaction, comments also tend to generate more engagement from other users. Comments do this because their content frequently ilicit a response from other users, whether this is in the form of likes from people who agree with the comment’s content or additional comments that look to address something covered in the original. Comments can also be used to tag a user who is then notified of the comment. Because of all this, comments prove to be a popular feature to receive as they usually lead to additional interaction. When buying comments, it is recommended that you only add one or two to a particular post as this should be enough to get the conversation going. The right kind of comment will be enough to bring more interaction your way.


Followers are quite simply the most important of all the social media features available. This is because followers are something of an all-in-one. Followers are social media users who take an interest in the content you post and decide to receive regular updates over a long period of time. As a result of this, it is common for them to interact with your content as you upload it. This means that by having more followers, you regularly receive more interaction in many different ways. The number of followers you have is the clearest indication yet of your level of popularity. If you are buying followers, you should add them in small batches at a time so as to give the impression of natural growth and not having a sudden explosion of interest for your profile.