Why You Should Use a VPN on iPhone XS


What can you do to make your device as good as possible if you just got a brand new smartphone by Apple? Is getting through the initial setup process enough? Or would you rather install something else?

Why You Should Use a VPN on iPhone XS

VPN on iPhone XS

Actually, there are a lot of things you can do immediately after getting a new iPhone to make it even better. But all of them will be nothing without one single app – a VPN. Why? We have already heard a lot about Internet security and getting at least a free VPN for Android and computer. But we rarely talk about the importance of protecting data on iPhones as well. Did you know Apple sold over 200 million iPhones worldwide in 2018? But not all of those iPhones have additional data protecting service installed. And that is a huge mistake.

Reasons to Get a VPN on iPhone

Most people think Apple devices, and iPhones particularly, do not need an extra level of protection because of their inbuilt security system. But can the system protect your personal and business information if it is not about malware and viruses only? What about professional hackers?

VPN on iPhone

  • Get a VPN on iPhone to protect the network while browsing online. It is another level of information security. A VPN focuses on securing your data on the global network in general, rather than protecting your device from a particular malware.
  • Get a VPN to increase productivity and organize work. Probably like millions of other people, you use your smartphone for doing work as well. Getting any work-related information protected 24/7 is essential, especially if you connect to public networks outside the office building. A VPN makes the process of doing your work safe, even if you go on vacation somewhere far away.

If you are not sure whether to get a VPN or not, try a free version at least.

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