Wondershare Filmora: The Next Big Thing In Editing Industry


The editing industry welcomed a lot of people during the pandemic. Stuck at home, many people took up editing, and the statistics regarding the usage of editing software changed quite a bit. As more people joined in, feedback on these software grew dynamically as well. People were pointing out bugs and mistakes and suggesting features that could improve the efficiency while working on the software. In short, developers had a lot to work with as they wanted people to keep using their platform.

Wondershare Filmora The Next Big Thing In Editing Industry

Users have a lot of empathy for developers who listen to their feedback and act upon it. Not every video editor developer could keep up, and a lot of them saw a huge decline in users, apart from one, Wondershare Filmora. People who started using the video editor never left, and more people kept joining. Even professionals who had years of experience in the industry started switching to Filmora, as it provided better tools, support, and most of all, developers who were listening to their users.

Filmora kept releasing exciting new features that were actually useful in practical scenarios like a screen recorder, and people kept using the software. Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into the software and how it could become the next big thing in the editing industry. So here’s a review of Wondershare Filmora and if it is really worth it?

Wondershare Filmora: The Next Big Thing In Editing Industry

Pros of the Software

1.   Pricing

Pricing is a big factor when it comes to editing software. People who are using Adobe Premiere Pro must know what we’re talking about. Monthly subscriptions that too at high rates annoy people a lot. Not everyone likes to spend money each month, even if they are using it for professional reasons. Even if you are okay with paying for it every month, unreasonable pricing will lead you to stop using the software sometime soon.

Filmora, however, did the pricing just right. It took care of both the people who didn’t want to pay for the editor each month and the people who wanted monthly subscriptions. Filmora offers a perpetual pricing plan which allows you to buy the software for a lifetime. So, in a single investment, you will be enjoying lifetime support from Filmora’s side.

2.   Easy to use Interface

If you are a beginner, then you might remember the overwhelming feeling of opening a video editor. There are just so many things present on the screen while you are sitting there waiting for something to happen. When you cram every possible thing onto a screen, it becomes very difficult for a beginner to navigate through it all. There have been instances where people just gave up just after looking at the home interface of most video editing software.

Filmora, on the other hand, has a user interface that was designed in such a way that it suits both a beginner and a professional. This user-friendly interface can be used for both basic editing and advanced editing. All the basic tools needed for editing are present in the window, and all advanced features are just a click away. The media library, the toolbar, timeline, and preview are the only things a beginner needs, and that is what Filmora has provided.

Wondershare Filmora: The Next Big Thing In Editing Industry

3.   Great Collection of Basic Features

The foundation of an editing software includes a good set of basic features to support the user. The workflow of many users is repetitive, at least at the start of the project. You have to compile all of the videos and then color correct them in such a way that they look similar. Most projects follow this workflow. Only after getting this done do you move on to more specific requirements.

A set of good basic features allow the user to complete these tedious tasks at a good pace while making sure the precision is not lost. Filmora’s tools were made to achieve this purpose only. The color match tool, green screen compositing tool, motion-tracking tool, etc., allows you to reduce the processing time and make your workflow a lot smoother. These tools were made keeping beginners in mind, and hence, they are very easy to use. If you are someone with a little experience, you will appreciate how easily and quickly you can get things done using these.

4.   Automation of Processes

Users don’t want to include repeated tedious work in their workflow. This hampers their creativity while also wasting their time. Video editors need time and vision to achieve what is required. If you are spending more than half of your time compiling, color-correcting, or tracking the videos, you will not get much work done. Automation of the processes required by the editors regularly has been in work for quite some time now. However, many software just cannot achieve the results that editors require.

Filmora’s new update induced some of the most precise automation features that are just too good to skip on. First of all, the color match tool, which we mentioned already, allows you to color match all of the videos with a reference video in a few clicks. So, you can focus on other important things rather than tampering with the color balance of every video. Motion tracking is another feature that allows you to track an object automatically. Before this feature, tracking an object was tedious as you had to do it frame by frame.

Many other features like speed ramping, Auto Beat Sync, and Auto synchronization have also been added to the software. Developers have said that this is just the beginning, and they will try to incorporate more features like this soon.

Cons of the Software

Everything has its cons. However, this is just us nitpicking on some of the things that could be improved. Some people may find these cons to be harsh, but a collection of reviews have mentioned them to be a problem, and hence, they are as relevant as the pros:

1.   Typography Collection

Many people have mentioned that the text options that Filmora provides right now are good, but there aren’t plenty of them. Typography is something that is very important in every design industry. Having a variety of typography options is a necessity for a video editor.

2.   Exporting

Exporting a video is a process in which you combine all the edits that you’ve done on the video and finally “export” the video in a certain format. Exporting depends a lot on the computer’s hardware and software’s optimization. Exporting in Filmora has proved not to be top tier as its other features.

We tried the software ourselves, and apart from some minor bugs, these were the only cons we could find. The software is really well-built, and developers are working constantly to keep everything in check. Even if you do find an annoying bug, chances are it will get patched in the next update.


Wondershare Filmora is a great tool to start out your editing journey with. You might also want to consider switching to it as it has some great features that you could take advantage of. The new Wondershare drive, support from NewFX, and NewBlue FX are just cherry on top. Cheap pricing makes it all the more reachable to everyone. The Filmora community is also a very healthy one; you should become a part of it as soon as possible.

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