Gaming has been an amazing and flourishing industry and people are really very obsessed about the game they play. There are few games that have taken up the marketplace largely and we know your concerns. You are finicky about choosing the best gameplay and that is why you want to have a comparison between the two most popular games: World of Warcraft and Apex Legends in 2021. Let us dive into details and understand both the games.


World of Warcraft

It is a multiplayer game that was established by Blizzard entertainment in 2004. It is a game of role playing and has a fantasy universe of Warcraft. It is within the world of Azeroth and it has been the next part after the Warcraft II: The Frozen Throne almost after 4 years. There are few major expansion packs like The Burning Crusade, Legion, Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands, Warlords of Draenor, Cataclysm, Wrath of the Lich King and Mists of Pandaria.

It mainly concerns the creation of an avatar and then exploration of the open game world in the view of third or a first person. In this avatar you are supposed to have the quest in the land, carry out explorations and also involve interactions of the non-player characters. There are Player vs Player engagements but you can even play the game all alone and it majorly involves the focus around the character development and progression. The players gather experience and then grow up as a character and become stronger.

Apex Legend

Apex Legend is a multiplayer game which is mainly a battle royale game and was founded by Respawn Entertainment and was actually published by the Electronics Art. It is compatible with Windows, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo. It supports the crossplatform play. It has a setup in the Titanfall universe which is the same for most of the games by Respawn. Apex Legend mobile is likely to release and be available for the mobile users. There are two versions, one supporting 20 squads of three people and another 30 squads of two people. It is similar to Battale Ground game and has rose into prominence ever since its establishment. You have to search for the resources like weapons and supplies and defeat all the other squads to win in the gameplay. The play area of the game will keep on shrinking and it has been designed in a way that the game play stays for 20 to 30 minutes per round. By the end of April 2021, it has crossed the benchmark of 100 million players.

The genre of Battle Royale has grown waves of fandom among the game players and it has a different level of popularity altogether which is much more than any role playing game. Apex Legends being a part of the Battle Royale genre has continued to grow and be a part of the 2021 Gaming industry till date. The upcoming mobile version has grown the urge for people to hold on to the Apex Legend gaming and has been attracting new players ever since. In April 2020, the three player squad was added with a duo squad. Solo Gaming has also been added which made it far more accessible to the audience. World of Warcraft is one such game which is easy to play and focuses on solo character development and you can play easily without any squad from the very first instant. There has been a large variety of legends in the Apex Legends Gameplay. In season 9 of Apex Legends introduced the new Valkyrie into the game which introduced a total of 17 legends. Valkyrie is actually the daughter of the Titan pilot from the Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends actually has three full sized maps and all are rotatable. The team for winning needs to stay ahead of two wins and there are a total of nine rounds involved. It involves squad based gaming and has excellent locomotion. It has a downhill slide and has excellent gaming feels. On the other hand, 2021 has been an excellent time for the World of Warcraft players. There has been some latest expansions in the game Shadowlands which has been launched in November, 2020. It has been portraying the afterlife of warcraft and there has been excellent new features introduced like: roguelike dungeons, abilities, rewards etc. It is actually a massive update in the recent timeline and in the next upcoming years Blizzards will add all new zones. It has been a time when you get back to World of Warcraft and be an active player again. The excellent graphics will make the experience even more wonderful. It will have robust and excellent design. The Torghast can be one of the issues which needs to be dealt with in World of Warcraft.

Most of the players are extremely happy to play in this regard. You may have excellent experience in both the World of Warcrafts and Apex Legend if you are a regular player. The time of 2021 has seen a huge leap in the development of the gaming arena. If you are a lover of Battling games then the Apex Legends is for you and if you love games of role play and love solo gaming then definitely you would love World of Warcraft. The level of digitization has marked another level in the field of development. The gaming founders have brought all new additional features and looks making the games see an all new level.

In Apex Legend Gaming you not only see additional developments but also a new interface that adds to the excitement of the people. In the game you will be landed by an aircraft in  King Canyon in a squad of three and then you have to run to collect resources and then defeat the other teams in the area to win the battle. It majorly focuses on the shooting and is a battling game. But on the other hand World of Warcraft is a game which is one of the major games focusing on the development of the role or the character you are playing. It is enjoyable and you have to strengthen the character as you proceed to the next levels and this is one of the major plot twists. You have to complete multiple quests and have to fight multiple monsters. You have to explore the entire landscape and there arew two available realms like the Normal and the RolePlay. In Normal you are concerned with defeating monsters whereas in the RolePlay you play a particular character. This can be easily played by multiple as well as single players.

The industry of gaming has seen a huge leap in the era of digitization. People have been confined within their houses and have moved towards expiration of the games and play different varieties at different points of time. Both the games have completely different approaches and your choice totally depends on your experience and choices. Being a novice you can start playing any one of them and get acquainted with the all new environment. You can prefer to play Battling games or role play games. Depending on the fact that whether you can have a team to play with or you want to play alone comfortably your choices may vary. Both of the games have shown enormous surge in 2021 and the best part is if you start playing now, you are going to get the best you can ever want in a game. All the best! Happy Game in!

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