No matter what industry you serve, you need to create service pages that explain what your company offers and why customers should buy from you. A service page describes what your company can do for its clients, as well as how great you are at it. It’s essential that your service pages are optimized to drive conversions.

Your guide to creating service pages that convert

If visitors can’t figure out what services you offer or why you are the best choice for them, they will move on to your competitors, searching for a solution. This will impact website metrics like your bounce and conversion rates, so it’s important to know how to create service pages that keep your audience engaged and drive more sales.

Let’s look at some ways you can ensure your services pages attract the right people and inspire them to pay for your services.

Never forget to provide a strong call to action

If your customers visit your service page and can’t figure out how to get started with your company, they could well leave your website and go to a competitor instead. This is why you need to incorporate strong calls to action into the web design of every service page.

A call to action, or CTA, is a prompt that directs visitors to take a specific action. This could be signing up to your email list, making a purchase, or securing a free trial of your service, for instance.

CTAs are essential for boosting your conversions because they make it easy for customers to work out how to take the next steps with your company. Here are some ways you can craft strong CTAs that convert:

  • Inject your CTAs with a sense of urgency to encourage your customers to convert now.
  • Make your CTAs stand out against the rest of your service page to make sure your customers see them.
  • Place your CTAs in a prominent spot so customers won’t miss them.

Let’s take a look at a company that does a great job of using CTAs to drive conversions.

Ahrefs, an online marketing software company, provides eye-catching CTAs that stand out from the rest of their service page copy. Notice how they use white space around the orange CTA on their homepage and provide a solid offer to entice people to try out their service. The clear messaging and the design of their CTA, along with the surrounding minimalistic website design, can help them generate more clicks and conversions.

Your guide to creating service pages that convert

When designing CTAs for your service pages, ensure they are placed in conspicuous locations. Choose bright colors that fit your design but also stand out from the rest of the page, as well, to ensure your customers see the CTA on any device and converting becomes their main focus.

Help prospective clients to imagine using your services

The main goal of your digital marketing is to convince your target customers that they need your services. And, if you can help your website visitors imagine themselves using your services, they will be more likely to invest in them.

There are lots of different ways you can ensure your potential clients see your service as an essential purchase, including by:

  • Using the right imagery to connect with your audience based on your industry, products, and services.
  • Providing demo videos that show how your services work and minimize uncertainty as customers consider your services.
  • Offering new users a free trial to remove the obstacles that could prevent someone from converting.
  • Outlining the benefits they’ll be most interested in to ensure they understand why they should buy from you.

Let’s look at a company that does a great job of using images on their service pages to help connect with their customers.

Take a look at this example from TurboTax, an online tax software company. To demonstrate just how helpful their service is, they highlight the benefits right on their service page, along with photos of potential tax experts that customers could be matched with when needed.

Your guide to creating service pages that convert

Using the right imagery on their services page, TurboTax makes it feel more personal if potential customers need help finding a tax expert. Providing photos of tax experts in their network creates a sense of trust and shows prospective customers just what it’s like to use the company’s services.

You can use the same approach to your services pages by adding the right imagery to build trust with your customers and drive sales.

Focus on making your service page copy engaging and helpful

Your service page copy is what customers will look at to learn more about your services and find a connection with your business. So, you need to show them that you understand their needs and have the right solution to their problems.

Your customers are in a hurry, so you should keep your service page copy straight to the point and break up large blocks of text with headings to summarize what you offer and guide your users through the page.

Let’s look at a company that does a great job of writing compelling content on their service pages to show the value of what they offer potential customers.

Here is an example from Merry Maids, a cleaning service. Notice how they use minimal copy on their service pages to ensure their big selling points stand out as potential customers look through their site. The header attracts customers who want to simplify their busy schedules, while the bullet points summarize why their service is a credible choice.

Your guide to creating service pages that convert

You can use the same approach in your copywriting by brainstorming the main takeaways you wish to communicate to your audience. Distilling these down into as few words as possible, and always using language that your target audience will understand will help you connect with and engage your audience as they consume your content.

Ensure your service page design provides a great UX

You could have the best content and great fantastic CTAs but, if your service pages don’t offer a positive user experience, visitors won’t stick around long enough to see the value in your company.

Take the appropriate steps to ensure your service pages offer an excellent experience to all users. Here are some elements that will help to keep people on your website long enough to spend some money:

  • Easy-to-read copy so customers can consume your content on any device.
  • Fast loading pages so customers don’t bounce from your site to a competitor’s.
  • Including all necessary information so customers can contact you when necessary.
  • A simple but engaging design that keeps the attention of customers without confusing people as they navigate your pages.

Let’s look at a company that does a great job of designing its site around offering a great user experience.

RMIT Online is an online university and their Master of Marketing program page makes it easy for visitors to obtain information through an online brochure. Notice how their CTAs, contact information, and program information links are all located above the fold. This means that users don’t have to scroll to find everything they need to convert, which is sure to provide website visitors with a great user experience.

Your guide to creating service pages that convert

You can use the same design tactics to create a positive user experience by keeping your service pages simple, so customers can find the information they are looking for on any device.

If you’re still struggling with your service pages’ UX, consider finding a good UX design agency to ensure your pages convert. Since their efforts will keep potential customers on your page, they will be a sound investment.

Make it easy for people to contact you from your service page

Prospective customers may have a question or concern about your services. If so, they will want to get in touch with your company to ease their worries before converting, so it’s important to ensure you provide various ways customers can contact you.

Many companies include live messaging on their site so customers can get quick answers, but you should also place your email address and phone number throughout your site so customers can contact your support team with more in-depth questions.

Customer service is important to the health of your business. So, no matter how people contact you, ensure your turnaround times are short and your customer service agents are well-trained.

You could also consider creating content that answers the most common questions to help customers through the buying process. This will give agents resources to share with customers when needed. The easier it is for customers to get the answers to their questions, the more likely they will be to purchase your services.


Think of your service pages as an extension of your digital marketing strategy: they are often the first glimpse potential customers have into what your brand has to offer.  If they don’t convert, they aren’t supporting your company’s success.

Optimize your service pages by making them simple to use. With enhanced service pages, you’ll see your conversion rate increase as more and more visitors see the benefits of what you sell.

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