YouTube Growth Hack: Buying Views


Most of the people think about buying YouTube views and likes. But before they search for the online service providers, they ask “is it even legal to buy YouTube views”? What if YouTube bans my account for buying fake viewers? Well, if you are stuck with this myth too, we have good news for you.

YouTube Growth Hack: Buying Views

Buying YouTube views is not a crime or illegal activity in any manner. In fact, a lot of brands and bloggers opt for YouTube likes and views generating companies to get ahead of their competitors. While some people think buying YouTube views can get them to the top, others prefer to get rankings through organic means. Either way, it is the views and likes on your videos that decide your search engine ranking.

Buy real YouTube Views

First things first, there are two types of YouTube views and likes generating companies.

  • Those who sell fake likes i.e. from bots and inactive users
  • And, the companies that generate real YouTube views from the active YouTube users

As long as you are opting for the real YouTube view sellers, you are not in trouble. This is because YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t care about the views you receive as long as they come from active accounts. On the other hand, YouTube automatically removes fake likes from your videos. In fact, you cannot purchase fake views if you are displaying ads from Google AdSense.

Get More Views on YouTube and Become Famous

There are more than 300 hours of videos posted every minute on YouTube. The figure clearly tells how competitive this industry is. Sure, YouTube receives millions of views every day. But, people love to view videos that are engaging and informative. You cannot just upload a few videos and expect your users to find you on YouTube. With millions of blogs out on the online market, there is a slim chance people would consider scrolling down and searching for your new brand on YouTube. That said, you definitely need to adopt a strategy that can get your video real likes from genuine people.

Of course, these people may not engage with your brand. But, they will make your brand popular on YouTube. This will automatically bring more viewers to your post. The best part is you won’t face any illegal issues given that the likes you receive are from real viewers. That’s exactly what reputable YouTube views and likes generating companies will do for you. They not only promise but deliver real views. You don’t have to wait for days or months to see the results. As soon as you hire reliable service providers, your videos will be flooded with views.

Videos with More Views Get More Attention

Sure, the number of views you get on your video depends on your budget. The money you are ready to invest, the higher the views you receive. But, the good news is you only need to buy views until your video shows up at the top of the YouTube search engine. Once your ranking improves, your viewers will automatically increase. This is because when your brand gets popular on YouTube, people start viewing your content.

You search for a keyword on YouTube and the search engines return with two famous videos

  • Video R – 10,000 Views
  • Video S – 200 views

The answer doesn’t even need an explanation. Of course, you will click on the Video R without giving it a second thought. This is because the first video has received maximum views, which means more people found it interesting to watch. This reason is enough to decide which video your customers and viewers will be attracted to the most.

You are lucky if you manage to get a large number of views and likes on your new video posts without having to purchase them. But, this is only possible when your content is way too amazing and viral to be not viewed. Buying real views provide your video with a base, which then helps you to attract more viewers.

So, these were the reasons you must buy real YouTube views. Why wait? Present your company and brand in front of millions of YouTube accounts and get famous within days. All the Best!


Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.