YouTube is prime location for video content creation due to its high visitor count and profitability.

YouTube Likes vs YouTube Views

For those who are just starting out on YouTube, you may be wondering, ‘is YouTube likes or YouTube views more important?’

Let’s go ahead and discuss the pros of views and likes and how they interact with each other.

Likes vs Views

YouTube likes operate the same way as its social media counterpart. When people who have watched the video like the content, they usually click or tap on ‘Like’ to let the creator know he or she’s done a good job. Furthermore, this encourages the creator and puts them in the right direction when it comes to future content.

However, when it comes to monetization YouTube only counts subscriber views. That said, the efforts of most content creators is such that they market their channel to increase youtube views.

If we’d compare YouTube likes to views then getting more youtube view subscribers is more important. Likes are kind of like bragging rights and can serve as a metric for attracting more viewers or subscribers.

YouTube views however are a different story. Most content creators aim for more views and can buy views as necessary to boost their ratings. Relying on these services won’t be enough but they’re good for exposure and attracting more audiences.

Increasing YouTube View Count

There are several ways on how YouTube creators can increase their views.

Title. Make the headline more attractive and compelling and you’ll be sure to experience an increase in views.

Video Description. It’s important to add a description on all your videos to generate interest and for SEO crawling purposes.

Post Regularly. Do this so your subscribers will have something to look forward to every week.

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