Managing collaborative tools to enhance customer relations and productivity has always been a daunting endeavor. Misfortunes such as losing data, mixing data, and stratifying large volumes of data have been a common nuisance for many business owners. ZIMBRA is a one-point platform where you can integrate all your collaborative tools and manage them seamlessly. Besides Zinbra’s ability to manage all emails in one platform, it also arranges, organizes, and stores emails ensuring no data is lost. You can retrieve even the deleted emails and you can choose how to classify and group your data. 

Zimbra Services at IKOULA Web Solutions

Use It On Various Operating Systems

Like any other modern software, Zimbra was designed in different versions to fit various operating systems. From windows, ios, android, and Linux, you can operate your software and respond to emails as it sees fit to you. This means you can use Zimbra on your phone, windows desktop, and other mobile devices.

As businesses differ in functioning and structure, so does the Zimbra software. You need a customized Zimbra software that corresponds with your business nature and structure to be able to manage your data without any inconvenience. IKOULA is one of the most trusted web solution experts that can examine your business systems and integrate customized Zimbra software.

Zimbra Services That Can Be Offered Online

IKOULA is dedicated to creating customized interfaces for businesses to manage their collaborative tools. Every service rendered is in line with the business needs and is geared towards enhancing a smooth customer relationship. Below are some of the services.

Zimbra Health Check

The Zimbra health check is designed to ensure there is no malfunctioning or any kind of problem. Here are some of the health checks that can be performed on your systems to ensure smooth operations.

Ensuring Zimbra Configuration is Perfect

The integration and configuration of Zimbra require proper analysis. Every business is different and analysis needs to be done for configuration to be done the right way. From the number of emails, the types of emails to how to respond, and send emails, configuration needs to be done the proper way. The wrong configuration may lead to loss of data, a mixture of data, and wrong keeping of information.

Administrative Access Review

Reviewing the way your administration will be accessing the Zimbra Software is always important. Administrative access review is intended to ensure the handling of data is convenient, reliable, and easy. No mixing of information, losing information, or any kind of discrepancy. 

Mail Waiting Time or Queue Analysis

Mail Queue arranges emails in a manner that will be easy for you to respond based on urgency and what email came first. If this is well analyzed, you will reduce customer waiting times and you will be able to make timely replies.

Antivirus and Antispam Verification

To avoid any form of hacking or corrupt files, every Zimbra software must have updated antivirus and antispam. These will protect your data and ensure your systems are always safe. Such features must, therefore, be well verified if you want the excellent performance of your Zimbra.

Operating System Health Check

Regardless of the operating system, it is important to ensure Zimbra is functioning well. Your operating system needs to be in the right update before it can be connected with Zimbra. OS configuration is not a mere task because any mistake could lead to the complete malfunctioning of the system. CPU memory HDD usage to ensure there is enough space to handle all your business data.

Lack of space may lead to slow functioning of the system which may delay customer service delivery. Records verification is another task that must be well-completed for the system to be well-performing at all aspects.

Security Analysis and Fixation

One of the core aims of a system administrator is to ensure customer and business data is not interfered with by third parties. Security checks play an important role because it puts in place some measures to identify and clean any form of security threats that are available in the files people are sending to you. One of the security issues to be analyzed include malware and backdoor checks.

These can act as a loophole for system breach and hacks which may lead to the compromise of business data. Your account must also be analyzed to check if it is already compromised. Compromised accounts are always restored and security measures put in place.

Zimbra Architectural Review

There is normally a way in which your business outline and nature must rhyme with the Zimbra system. Business architecture is analyzed at the initial stages to ensure there is a complete breakdown of all features. Configuration must rhyme with your business anatomy for the smooth performance of the software to occur. With experts like IKOULA, complete business analysis is performed before anything is done on your business system. The aim is to make sure there is a complete seamless performance that will be of benefit to the business and customers at large. 

Touches That Enhance Performance and Reliability of the System

Version upgrade and system upgrade also lies in this section where businesses are equipped with the best up to date versions. There is also an assessment and recommendation report. This assessment aims at finding out the faults and performances so that proper interventions can be made for customer service to be above normal. To ensure you have an excellent experience, there is also checking log files, usage, and diagnostic report. There is an all-round analysis to ensure your system is properly working in all aspects.

Choose from Various Packages

Businesses are not the same and each of them has different requirements. To serve all clients and ensure their needs are well attended to, several packages are available. You can choose the packages based on several aspects like the number of contacts, anti-virus, Calendar integration, an overview of attachments, and synchronized documents holder. Always choose what is best for your business because every business has its package. Go through every package, from basic to pro plus and you will find what is necessary for your business. Choose a package that must be in line with your business and make sure you consult the experts if you cannot choose what is best for your business.


Zimbra is one of the best tools to manage all your collaborative tools. It not only smoothens communication between clients and businesses, but it also ensures data is not lost or mixed up. Save yourself the head of organizing data day and day out, install Zimbra, and enjoy excellent communication.

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