Over time, running a services business of any scale becomes complicated. When small to medium businesses are just starting, it can be tough to understand what you need and what’s important – something that often applies to the simplest things, such as field service management apps. Zuper’s field service management app for iOS & android phone users has everything a business owner needs to succeed and operate more efficiently.

Zuper's Field Service Management App for iOS is A Must-Have for SMBs

Many small and medium businesses rely on mobile field service management software to run their operations more effectively and efficiently. From managing the customer experience to managing inventory, Zuper’s iOS Field Service Management App is a must-have for SMBs of all types & sizes. With Zuper’s easy-to-use field service software features, you can be sure that your business will continue running smoothly from an iPhone or iPad.


Create customized job workflows for each specific job type & role within your company. This allows your business to automate any number of business processes and ensure better consistency across your teams. You can also assign tasks and send updates via SMS alerts to your team members in the field when they’re on a job site.

Efficient Dispatching

Using geofencing technology, this helpful FSM app allows you to see all your jobs and assign them based on availability or location. You can also choose the best route for each technician by choosing the shortest path between locations or a route that includes preferred stops such as gas stations or grocery stores.

Merchant Processing

With Zuper’s merchant processing feature, you can accept credit card payments on-site with your iPhone or iPad! This is great if your service business needs to accept payment while out in the field, as it allows you to process payments quickly and easily without having to go back into the office after each transaction.

Inventory Management

One of the most significant advantages of using Zuper is its inventory management feature. Users can easily track their inventory on the go, which helps them make better decisions about stock levels and order more supplies in advance. This reduces costs and enables you to save time by not having to check each item when it runs out of stock manually.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With Zuper’s customer service features, you can ensure that your customers are always satisfied with your service. You can keep track of all customer requests and complaints in one place, so they’re easy to manage when they come through. Plus, you’ll be able to give each case priority based on its importance, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your customers – ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction!

Zuper offers up one of the best field service management apps for SMBs that has a simple, intuitive interface and a powerful set of features. Zuper’s award winning field service app allows field technicians to manage their jobs from smartphones or tablets. You can create job orders and send them to technicians in the field, who can accept or reject the job order with one tap. It also enables you to track technician location and view any updates they make on the job while they are in the field.

Whether you’re just getting started with your services business or are in the market for a better field service management solution for your business, you should consider checking out more information about Zuper’s FSM App on the App Store today.

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