Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock by Elgato supports dual 4K displays, priced $50 less

Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock by Elgato Supports Dual 4K Displays, Priced $50 Less

Need a portable dock that can give you much-needed ports such as USB A, DisplayPort, HDMI and ethernet? Elgato’s Thunderbolt 3 is compatible with Mac and Windows and is now $50 less! Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock The Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock is now just $99.99, down $50 from its original price of $149.99. You can enjoy up to 40

Apple Stores hold sessions in celebration of Black History Month

Apple Stores hold sessions in celebration of Black History Month

Apple Stores in the US will be holding special Today at Apple sessions starting February 1, 2020 in celebration of the Black History Month. Session highlights include new culture narratives using film, dance, poetry, photography and visual arts, among others. Black History Month Today at Apple provides opportunities for hopefuls to show their creativity. Notable events for the month include

Apple leases ‘Triangle Building’ in San Jose

Apple leases 'Triangle Building' in San Jose

The Mercury News has recently reported that Apple has rented the ‘Triangle Building’ and all its six floors. The site, which has an address of 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd is just two miles away from Apple Park. The report also states that there has been frenetic activity afterward, with noticeable construction work seen on the 86,000 square feet establishment. Moreover,

Apple to help China with Coronavirus relief efforts

Apple to Help China with Coronavirus Relief Efforts

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a tweet on Saturday, declaring that the company intends to donate money to those who are fighting the Coronavirus outbreak in China. About Coronavirus Coronavirus is a strain that has never been seen before. Medical experts have named it ‘novel coronavirus’, or 2019-nCov. Victims suffer from acute respiratory infection and it has already spread

Beats Solo Pro wireless noise-canceling headphones get a $50 discount

Beats Solo Pro Headphones Gets a $50 Discount

Beats brand offers high-quality audio and hardware, but they’re a little on the pricey side. For this reason, Beats headphones quickly sell out when a promotion appears. Beats Solo Pro Today, the Beats Solo Pro gets a $50 discount, which brings the price down to just $249.95 on Amazon. It’s an excellent wireless headphone that has a few features you’ll

Apple Arcade game ‘Butter Royale’ now available

Apple Arcade game 'Butter Royale' now available

Apple Arcade’s most recent addition is ‘Butter Royale‘, a multiplayer free-for-all shooter game that’s kid-friendly. The game has an online mode that pits 32 players against each other, and an offline mode that you can play with bots as your opponents. Instead of guns and bazookas, the toons wield kitchen tools that blast baguettes and sauces. Each match lasts no

Apple advocates for improved sharing and access of patient’s health information

Apple Advocates for Improved Sharing and Access of Patient's Health Information

Microsoft and Apple representatives will be attending a Carin Alliance meeting to push for a better way for patients to share and access their medical records. The event focuses on a proposed change by the Department of Health & Human Services, which will promote medical data inter-operability among healthcare providers. CNBC reports that Apple Health Team representative Ricky Bloomfield will

Apple jobs website updated with animated logos and new design

Apple Jobs Website Updated with Animated Logos and New Design

The jobs website of Apple has received a new facelift, featuring a new video and a totally new look to try and captivate job seekers. One of the notable additions is the array of Apple logos the company has made as part of its October 18 event for the Mac. Different logos come out whenever the ‘refresh’ button is tapped.

Get 50% off on the iRingg Ringtone Creator for Mac

iRingg Ringtone Creator for Mac

iLounge has a special deal on the iRingg Ringtone Creator for Mac, which allows you to create a custom ringtone and send it to your iPhone with a single click. iRingg Ringtone Creator for Mac Tired of browsing through ringtone apps and not getting what you want? Why not try the DIY route with iRingg, a ringtone creator that also

Fitbit Inspire HR just got a price drop

Fitbit Inspire HR

Having a little trouble keeping up with your fitness or weight goals this year? You will need a wearable tracker to show you if you’re hitting your workout targets. To this end, the Fitbit Inspire HR is a great device, and it’s on sale for cheap on Amazon. Fitbit Inspire HR The Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

New Tetris game shows up on App Store

Tetris game

Just a few days after EA announced that they will be pulling their Tetris app off the App Store, a new Tetris game appears. Titled ‘Tetris’, the game is made by N3TWORK Inc. as part of a multi-year agreement and features the game mechanics we all know and love. Tetris game The launch of the new Tetris app could be

Apple TV+ series ‘Little America’ will be getting a podcast

Little America on Apple TV+

Lee Eisenberg, creator of the upcoming Apple TV+ series ‘Little America’ reveals that the show will have a podcast. In an interview with Forbes, Eisenberg says that the podcast will act as an accompaniment that gives its viewers more details about its music and stories. Furthermore, there will be episodic playlists and a book as well. It looks like the

New Apple Pay promo gives 10% discount on StubHub purchases

Apple Pay promo for StubHub

Sports fans can get a 10 percent discount on StubHub purchases when they use Apple Pay. To get the discount, you will need to download the StubHub app and choose Apple Pay as the method of payment when buying game tickets. Online ticketing company StubHub was founded in 2000 and offers a way for ticket buyers and sellers to get

Track your kids in real-time with the KidsConnect KC2 GPS Tracker Phone

KidsConnect KC2 GPS Tracker Phone

iLounge has a special deal on the KidsConnect KC2 GPS Tracker Phone, which allows you to monitor your children’s location using real-time GPS technology. Worried that your kids might get lost and want to keep them safe at all times? The KidsConnect GPS Tracker Phone is a solution worthy of your consideration. It has Wi-Fi, LBS and GPS connectivity and

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case drops to $160


Is getting a pair of AirPods Pro still too expensive for you? Not to worry- if you’re not keen on having the latest and the greatest, you can opt for the next best thing by buying the discounted 2nd generation Apple AirPods. AirPods Today, the Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case has dropped to just $159.99 from its original price

Apple Stores update their displays with focus on Apple Arcade

Apple Stores Update Their Displays With Focus on Apple Arcade

Apple Stores all over the world are getting updates for their displays to highlight gaming service Apple Arcade and accessories that enhance the playing experience. Before Apple Arcade, stores had sections where coding and learning accessories, as well as iOS-connected toys were prominently displayed. This has evolved to accommodate Apple Arcade and compatible gaming hardware. Apple Arcade at the Apple

Kentucky woman saved from AFib by her Apple Watch

Kentucky Woman Saved From AFib By Her Apple Watch

Rosemary Stiles, a native of Kentucky has credited her Apple Watch from saving her as it detected AFib while she was sleeping. Rosemary mentioned that prior to the notification she would feel ‘run down’, and would often doze after sitting down in short while. Rosemary had no idea then that it was symptoms of atrial fibrillation. Her Apple Watch showed

Apple online store lists new third party accessories

Apple online store lists new third party accessories has recently been updated with new products and charging solutions from third parties, including brands such as Belkin, OtterBox, STM, Native Union, Promise Technology, Mophie and Ubio Labs. OtterSpot is Otterbox’s wireless charging system that can charge ‘stacks’ of disc-shaped power banks. This means you can place your iPhone or AirPods Case on top of the discs, or take

Get 84% off on the Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle

Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle

iLounge has a special deal on the Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle, which allows you to transform your images to the highest possible quality in just a few clicks. Photomatix takes away the tedious in post-processing images by offering a trio of powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use apps. The Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle includes Photomatix Essentials, Photomatix Pro and

iPhone XS Max Leather Case by Apple drops to only $30

iPhone XS Max Leather Case Drops to Only $30

Is your iPhone XS Max’s case looking a little tired and worn out? Snag an official Apple iPhone XS Max Leather Case in various shades and enjoy a $10 discount in the process. iPhone XS Max Leather Case by Apple The XS Max cases are down to just $30 from its original price of $40 on Amazon. These official OEM

Netflix expresses confidence in latest earnings report

Netflix Expresses Confidence in Latest Earnings Report

Streaming service Netflix has recently shared its latest earnings report to stockholders, which holds significance because it’s the same period as when competitors such as Disney+ and Apple TV+ have launched. Netflix states that the company made $5.47 billion and has experienced $1.30 per share for the quarter, which is above analyst expectations. The company fell short on domestic subscriber

Apple Card update now allows exporting to budgeting Apps

Apple Card Update Now Allows Exporting to Budgeting Apps

The Apple Card service has received an important update today- it now allows for importing into budgeting apps such as Mint, Lunch Money and Quicken, among others. Apple Card users should now be able to export their transactions via spreadsheets generated by the app, which can then be used on third party budgeting software. In order to obtain a document

Tetris games on iOS to retire in April

Tetris Games on iOS to be Retired in April

Game developer EA has announced via app updates that they will be ‘retiring’, or pulling Tetris apps in the App Store on the 21st of April this year. Support will be ended for Tetris Blitz, Tetris 2011 and Tetris Premium. In the updates section, EA mentioned that players will still be able to run the apps and use in-game items

WALTR 2 discount: Get 52% off on the best iTunes Alternative

WALTR 2 discount

iLounge has a special deal on the WALTR 2, which allows you to transfer files without the help of iTunes straight to your Apple devices. Take advantage of the WALTR 2 discount today! WALTR 2 WALTR 2 is considered one of the best iTunes alternatives and with good reason. First, you won’t need to set up iTunes or even open