How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iOS

facebook dark mode ios

Update: Facebook just announced its dark mode feature on its mobile app. The dark mode is expected to be available for the “Watch” tab only. This will help to cut down on glare and help you focus on photos and videos. Since Facebook hasn’t rolled out an update for its iOS app yet, we haven’t got a chance to try

Apple Might Be Featuring a New Release in 2020 – an Upgraded iPhone 8

iPhone 8

According to rumors, Apple might be revising it’s iPhone 8 and presenting a 4.7-inch iPhone in March 2020 with enhanced internal technology, but analysts are pointing out that its success might be farfetched. As we all are well aware of the complete range of Apple’s devices feature faces recognition instead of touch recognition and a cutting edge-to-edge display. The iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold are Breaking

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung released its first folding smartphone and people went crazy over that amazing innovation. After all, it was the first android cellphone without the risk of getting your screen panel cracked. Unfortunately, things didn’t work as Samsung planned. Most of the people who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Fold are now complaining about their phones getting cracked the next day. Recently,

Apple Revises Its Display Specs For 2018 MacBook Air

Macbook Air

Previously, Apple’s MacBook Air 2018 had display brightness up to 300 nits. But, Apple has just revised the specs of the 2018 MacBook Air. According to the specs, you’ll be able to increase the display brightness up to 400 nits. On 25th of March, Apple released the macOS 10.14.4 software update for the MacBook Air 2018 in which they completely

iPhone 11 Leak Suggests Major Camera Upgrades

iPhone 11 leak

According to a famous research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is going to upgrade all three of its iPhones in 2019, which includes the iPhone 11. Apple is expected to add a 12-megapixel front camera on its upcoming iPhones this year. Apple is also expected to add triple-lens rear cameras, one will be a 12MP telephoto lens, the second one will

5G Network Is Finally Here, Will You Be an Early Adopter?

5G network

During the past few years, we have been hearing talks about the 5G technology that claims to bring enhanced speed, better coverage, and effective responsiveness to our wireless devices. In the year 2019, we can finally see the 5G dream becoming a reality with AT&T and Verizon launching their respective 5G networks. Surprisingly, the launch did not see as much

Google’s New Pixelbook Hardware Is Coming Up Soon!

Google Pixelbook

We’ve got news from 9to5Google about Google’s conference meeting. There was a lot of talk about the launching of a new device. It was heard in a conference that the new hardware will be more versatile and secure than previous devices of Google. We couldn’t get detailed information about the specs of the upcoming device. According to Google Spokesman, they

Google’s Wing Is Launching a Public Drone for Delivery Service in Australia

Google Wing

Recently, Australian aviation authority granted the permission of first public drone delivery service to Wing, a company owned by Google. Now, what actually is a public drone delivery service? It’s the innovation in the traditional delivery procedure. Previously, a delivery person used to come to your doorstep in case you wanted anything without going out. But now, you’ll get the

iPod Touch 7 leak hints that Apple might release it this year

iPod Touch 7

Apple fans have been waiting for the new release of iPod Touch for three years. It’s the first time that Apple is not giving a hint about the upcoming model. There’s been a lot of questions roaming around the internet about the new iPod Touch 7. Should we stop waiting for the new iPod? Is it really coming or not?

Dad gets his iPad locked for 47 years by his 3 years old son

iPad Locked for 47 years

Apple devices have a security system that will lock you out from your gadgets temporarily if you enter your passcode wrong. If you repeat on entering the wrong passcode, the locking time-out becomes longer. We’ve come across a similar but a weird case recently, Evan Osnos got his iPad locked for 47 years (25,536,442 Minutes). Yes, you heard it quite

AT&T customers are seeing “5GE” on their iPhone devices

5GE iPhone on at&t

Apple has released an iOS update in late March, and guess what happened? After installing iOS 12.2 updates, an icon of “5GE” appeared on the smartphones of AT&T customers instead of LTE. However, what’s the story behind this? Do our smartphones really have 5G on them? There’s been a lot of questions roaming around on the internet. About the 5GE

Google Maps Now Helps You Dodge Traffic Jams Easily With Its New Reporting Option

Google maps

Google Maps has been upgrading its features to make our traveling easy for years. Recently, they added an amazing option to help us out in getting rid of traffic jams. Imagine, your rough and bad day comes to an end and now you’re driving home and you stuck in a worse traffic jam. You’ll feel like hell. Right? Luckily, Google

PUBG Mobile Streamer Called Out Tencent Developers To Fix Bugs In The Game

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile by Tencent is the most downloaded mobile video game nowadays and its been a great source of entertainment for the game lovers. Tencent game developers are upgrading this game every other day with new updates (Guns, Outfits, Maps, and Skins, etc). People seem to be happy with the updates of this amazing game. But, with the recent updates,

Apple might not release 5G iPhones until 2020

iPhone 5g

According to many rumors, Apple might start working on iPhone’s with 5G technology in 2020. Sadly, Apple seems silent over entering into 5G compatible iPhones. Therefore, Apple might not keep up the pace with others in 5G phones this year. In 2019, we will be hearing about many Android phones with the 5G enabled in them, but for iPhones, it

Huawei Mate X will be available from June

Huawei Mate X Foldable

There’s been a lot of talk about Huawei’s first folded phone after Mobile World Congress 2019, where they announced this amazing device. We know you guys are keen to know is price and where to purchase it. But, We’ve got you guys covered. Yes, we’re about to unveil all the details about this masterpiece that is Mate X. The company

Amazon is working on its own wireless earbuds in competition to Apple’s AirPods 2

amazon wireless earbuds and airpods 2

The Tech Giant Apple has been amusing us with its mind-blowing products for years. One of its amazing product is AirPods, which is still considered as a successful innovation in the tech market. However, we’re about to break surprising news for you technology lovers. Amazon plans on setting its foot in the wireless ear-phones technology and maybe it will dominate

iOS 13 leaks reveals update will have a Dark Mode and a Thin Volume Panel

iOS 13

Apple’s next-generation new iOS 13 is expected to be unveiled at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in upcoming June and iPhone freaks are going crazy over this next level operating system. The company kept the features of this upcoming iOs 13 secret, but nobody can stop the rumors when they travel. What’s this new operating system bringing us? That’s the question

Apple leak suggests the new iPhone SE2 is going to release in 2020

iPhone SE2

To all iPhone lovers out there, as you guys know very well that Apple never fails to amuse us with its new advancements and innovations. Like always, Apple is going to launch something interesting very soon. Yes, you heard it right, something amazing is on its way and it’ll be here by 2020. Let’s just address the elephant in the

iPad Mini 5 specifications are nearly the same as the previous model

iPad Mini 5

Apple had added an A12 CPU of the iPhone XS inside iPad Mini 5 which made it look different from the inside however, it appears to be very much similar to the previous model. Apple has done little about the internal changes. iFixit decided to disassemble the iPad mini 5 to discover what is new inside. According to their opinion

Apple Watch Series 5 might charge wirelessly with the iPhone XI

Apple Watch Series 5

According to rumors, the next Apple Watch Series 5 might be able to charge wirelessly by utilizing the power of a connected iPhone. The current iPhone can already be charged on a charging mat, however, according to MacOtakara’s information which is also backed by industry analyst Ming-Chi, Apple Watch Series 5 might be able to get charged by relying solely